Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart (Completed)

Amanda Nicole Fawner was living every teenage girls' dream, record deal, million of fans, and getting to date the one and only Louis Tomlinson. But things aren't always sunshine and lollipops for the young teen sensation. There are up and downs in her life that just might end up destroying her image. Kissing one of your boyfriend's band mates isn't exactly smiled upon and let's not forget about the hometown had boy she used to love. Join Amanda on her journey into fame, where not everything is always as it seems. 


16. Disneyland


Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart   

Chapter 15  

~Louis's POV~   

"Amanda." I gently shake her trying to wake her up. She had fallen asleep probably around the second hour of driving she had probably so tired of asking where we were going. Miranda came up with the perfect plan to "prove" that me and Amanda's relationship was fine. She had gotten me and Amanda plane ticket's to the one place everyone was happy, Disneyland. 

"Mhhhhmmm." She said swatting my hands away from her shoulder as she kept her eyes closed. Amanda looked so peaceful just sitting here in the car asleep cuddled with herself against the seat. Seeing her so peaceful and innocent made me feel even worse about all the things that I had screamed at her during my drunken rampage. 

"Babe, where here." I said shaking her again, but this time her eyes shot open allowing me a glimpse of her golden brown eyes. 

"Where are we?" She said stretching her arms and trying to rub the sleep out of her eyes. 

"The most magical place on earth." I said smiling at her while offering my hand, which she takes without hesitation. I entwine our fingers and the familiar bolt of electricity rubbings through my entire arm. Amanda only laughs when she sees what is front of her. Her sweet laughter filling the parking lot with the music tone of her laugh. 

"Only you Lou." She said before pushing her sunglasses down on her face and fixing the familiar beanie on her head. 

"Is that mine?" I ask pointing to the beanie on the top of her head. She only looks up at me, confused and then realization flashes in her features causing her cheeks to turn a light shade of rosy pink. 

"Maybe...?" She said before letting my hand lose and walking towards the entrance of the park. I see her walk away, a quick memory flashes in my mind from the night before. Her slim figure disappearing from me with Zayn and her friend Sky right behind her. The mention of Zayn in my mind makes my hands clench slightly out of pure anger. He had not only slept with my girlfriend yesterday, but he had kissed her not only once but twice. I couldn't completely blame him and in a way I don't blame Amanda either, because honestly I deserve having this pain in my chest. I had hurt her, in the worst way possible and all in drunken jealous.

"Are coming or are you just going to stand there?" Amanda said brining me back to reality. She stood a few feet away from me with her hands on he hips, as she tapped her foot impatiently. She honestly looked beautiful today, who am I kidding she looks beautiful in anything even in a old pair of sweats. I shake my head allowing all other thoughts leave my mind and focusing on just the present. The present where I was walking around with Amanda at my side not Zayn's or Carter's. "So did you drive all the way over just to stand in the parking lot?” Amanda says now standing right in front of me. 

"No, sorry just go lost in my thoughts." I laugh before grabbing her hand and walking to the entrance. As I walk I feel her eyes on me, which makes me slightly squirm at the sensation of her gaze on me. I think she notches m squirming because after a little bit her gaze leaves my body. We walk and I give pay for two ticket and they quickly let us in. They assign us a body guard that follows us about ten feet behind us to allow us some privacy. We continued down the path, in silence as the screams of the passengers on the rides filled the air around us. 

"Louis, where are we going first?" Amanda asked from next to me as we walked along the path towards no where in particular. 

"I honestly have no clue, let's just see where we end up." I said pulling her down the path as she reluctantly follows me. We walked for a while having no solid destination in mind, the air around us filled with uncomfortable silence. I knew that it was because of Amanda's confession, she felt awkward and guiltily around me. But the thing is I knew I should be mad, I should leave her and never come back. I couldn't though, although she had made her mistakes so had I. I hadn't kissed anyone or use her to fall out of love with my best friend, no but I had emotion hurt her. Amanda had always been sensitivity about her image and the way people portrayed her. That's why today instead she wore a more conservative top, it was almost a crew neck actually. The words I had thrown her way, during my unstable state had harmed her self esteem and that was going to be a lot to her get back then my trust. I trusted even after the kisses between her and Zayn and the truth behind the reason she said yes to me. I really didn't care about the mistakes we had both made, but all I care about is making sure Amanda knew I was hopelessly in love with her. 

"How about we go to Carsland?" Amanda asked as we stood in front of large map, looking at the different parts of the park. I nod and pull her in that direction. We started walking again, and the sheet of awkwardness seemed to fall over us again. I decide to break it before it gets to bad. 

"Amanda?" I ask her while slowing down so I would be able to tell her everything I needed too. 

"Yeah?" She answered while slowing down with me, but she completely avoided my eyes. 

"Do you think we could just talk?" I ask trying to hint towards the fact that I wanted to talk about us. She had completely stopped and stood still as her gaze was locked on something. 

"Amanda?" I asked her worryingly as I squeeze her hand lightly to get some sort of reaction from her. 

"I don't want to go that way anymore." She simple said before turning on her heel and speed walking in the other direction. Leaving me confused in the same spot staring at the spot her eyes had been locked at only seconds ago.   



~Carter's POV~ 

"I don't understand the point behind brining us here. It's not like she's actually going to remember coming here." Amanda whined as we walked down the pathways inside of Disneyland. I had convinced her that we should bring our daughter to Disneyland. She thought it was because I wanted her to see this, but I just wanted to get out of the hotel room. Beings around Mackenzie for the entire day got exhausting, and it didn't help that I was the one talking care of the baby. My little baby Amanda, she looked a lot like Mackenzie, but she held most of her features from me. I was thankful for this, because honestly I don't think I could bare seeing another mini Mackenzie. 

"You can always leave, I don't think anyone would mind." I mumble at her as she turned and frowned at her surroundings. She huffs before walking over to one of the small benches and sat down on it. I adjust Amanda on my side before walking over and standing in front of Mackenzie.

"Are you coming?" I said impatient from in front of her. 

"No, I am going back to the hotel room, see you later." She said before getting up and started to walk away. 

"You are aware that if you any to convince everyone that we are actually happy you have to be seen with me right?" I said glaring at her while holding tightly on her arm. 

"Let me go and I don't give a flying fuck if people think we're happy. Plus why to people that we are actually happily married, when we both know we aren't." She said before stomping off in the direction of the exit of the park. I watch her walk off, until her figure became just another blur in the sea of people. I let out a breath that I had been holding in for a while and I start to walk towards the other end of the park. I was headed towards Carsland I bet Amanda would have loved to go there. My Amanda though, I wonder if she was okay? During the dinner last night she had a fight with her excuse me while I gag...boyfriend. I knew that guy was going to hurt her, he didn't know how fragile she was, but then again neither did I. I had destroyed her ability to be open to love, and I made her terrified of rejection. She deserved better than me and if that happened to be Louis then that was okay with me. I honestly just wanted us to go back to the way we were back in middle school, to be the two best friends who could tell each other anything. I knew that I would still love her even if we just became friends, the feeling of love I have for her would never die. 

"How about we go to Carsland?" I heard a sweet familiar voice ask, soon a British accent quickly replied go her and the sound of footsteps started to make their way onto my path. It was Amanda I knew it was that voice was always recognizable, never had I failed to recognize her voice. My little girl wiggled in my arms as I walked and I decided that I would take her to go get some lunch. Hopefully that wasn't anywhere close to where Amanda and I am guessing Louis were headed. It surprised me though, what were they doing here together? Hadn't they had a fight only yesterday, screaming at each other that they didn't understand each other. If they had a fight that big why were they here inside Disneyland probably acting like the most in love pair ever? Then it dawned on me they were dating in the public eye. If word got out that they spilt up then their careers would most likely be over. The hatred that that they would receive for breaking apart one of , in the words of the media, America's cutest couple, then their careers would fall apart. I pressed my lips together, that was horrible because now even if Amanda didn't want to be with Louis she would have to for the sake of her career. I wanted to release of her that prison and make her mine, but the hatred she would get afterwards stopped me from running in her direction. I had been walking without even noticing I had because next thing I knew she was standing in front of me. Her brown eyes looking deep past mine and into my very soul. I felt as if she would read my ever thought and see my every fault and honestly Amanda could. 

"Hello, Mandy." I greet her as Louis appears at her side with his arm tightly around her waist. 

"Hey Carter." She says formally before turning her head towards Louis who was currently glaring at me with hatred in his eyes. I stand a bit straighter and fix Amanda on my side, which cause Mandy to take notice I her. "Oh, hey baby." She says taking her from my grasp as pulls her close to her body. Amanda only giggles at her which causes a huge smile to form on my lips. 

"How old is she?" Louis asks out of nowhere as he stares down at Amanda who had my baby wrapped tightly in her arms. 

"Turning 6 months soon." I said shooting a friendly smile at him hoping that it would help cool down his hatred. 

"Cool." He said before pinching Amanda's cheeks which causes her to squirm in Mandy's arms that tightly slightly at that action. 

"Where's Mackenzie?" Amanda asks with anger tinting her bright brown eyes. 

"She felt sick this morning so she couldn't come." I said scratching the back of my neck slightly in awkwardness of Amanda's gaze. She simple nods and turns back down to the small baby in her arms, as Louis wraps his arms around her small waist. She leans her head up which signals Louis to lower his so his ear was right by her pink lips. She whispers something in his ear which causes him to slightly frown, but soon his frown became a smile. 

"Hey Carter, would you like to join me and Amanda on our walk around?" Louis asks trying his best to press a convincing smile on his face. I would have loved to join them, but seeming them together holding hands, cuddling, even kissing was going to hurt. 

"I don't want to bother you guys, plus sometimes that little one will just randomly start crying and trust me you don't want us around when that happens." I said trying to excuse their offer to the side, but they weren't going to let it drop. Amanda only glares at me letting me know that I should just agree with her and save myself the problems. I keep a poker face on, but Amanda only shrugs and walks off with my little girl in her hands. I run after her as Louie only laughs behind me as I jog to catch up with her.

"Amanda!" I shout but she suddenly stops at a small gift store. She turns to look at me and smiles before walking in with both me and Louis right behind her. I stop at the entrance and Louis pushes pas me, towards Amanda who was showing her mini me different things. I heard her soft giggles as Amanda tickles her nose with different materials. Louis grabs Amanda's waist again and places a soft kiss on her neck before staring down at the small child in her arms. Cold jealous runs through my veins as I watch them.

"Amanda what are you doing?" I ask her as I walk towards them and try to take my little girl back from her, but she only moves her arms away. 

"Promise to come along with us?" She asks before giving me a soft look telling me it's was perfectly fine that I tag along. I sigh loudly which seems to echo through the strangely empty store.

"Fine." I said slowly which causes Amanda to smile at me and then down at my daughter. 

"Did you hear that Nikki, you get to spend some time with your godmommy, Amanda." She said in a sweet tender voice. 

"Nikki?" I ask suddenly taking notice what she had just called Amanda. 

"Yes, it's weird calling her Amanda it's like talking to myself, plus isn't Nicolette her middle name?" Amanda asks while smiling at me.

"Yeah, I guess I understand." I said before sending her a warm smile back. 

"You hungry Andy?" Louis asks her and she stops to think about it for a minute before nodding her head viciously. 

"Yeah, how about you Nikki? Has your daddy been feeding you right?" She asks tickling Nikki's tummy which causes her to giggle. I shake my head at the scene in front of me as Louis only looks at Amanda with love and compassion in his eyes. 

"A course I have been feeding her Mandy, she actually has started eating solid food!" I said exciting as we walk out of the store after buying a small stuffed Nemo for Nikki.

"Really?" She asks before slipping her sunglasses down over her eyes. Louis does the same which seems to cover there identifies a bit. 

"What should we go eat?" Louis asks as he takes out his phone out to probably check the time. 

"I passed a small cafe a few blocks away from here we can go there?" I say and they both nod their heads as Louis slips his arm around Amanda's shoulder and leads her in the right direction. 

"If you want I can take Nikki back." I said to Amanda who was moving her arms probably trying to get the blood flowing again. She nods and hands her back to me, and takes Louis's hand in her's which causes a huge smile to appear on his face. These next few hours are going to be torture, not only for me but for Louis too. I feel his glares as he sends them to me, but he didn't intimidate me. I know he hates me, I was the guy who broke the girl he is in love with, God sometimes I hate even myself. I turn and look at them again, I catch a the quick kiss that Amanda places on his lips. Suddenly my chest tights, but I force it back to normal. I was with Mackenzie and if even made a move towards Amanda in any wrong way she would end up hurt. I knew Mackenzie would make sure of that; I knew she would keep her promise, that she couldn’t have me then she would just have to get rid of all the competition.   


||: A/N 

Okay so a while ago I asked you guys if you guys wanted a sequel cause like I said I plan on finishing this story soon…so, I don’t know I kinda want to but I don’t want to make a sequel so I decided I am not…I am just going to keep going with this one…So it will not be ending anytime soon:D That will be all :D

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