Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart (Completed)

Amanda Nicole Fawner was living every teenage girls' dream, record deal, million of fans, and getting to date the one and only Louis Tomlinson. But things aren't always sunshine and lollipops for the young teen sensation. There are up and downs in her life that just might end up destroying her image. Kissing one of your boyfriend's band mates isn't exactly smiled upon and let's not forget about the hometown had boy she used to love. Join Amanda on her journey into fame, where not everything is always as it seems. 


10. Comeback


Hometown Badboy vs. Hollywood Sweetheart   

Chapter 10   

~Amanda's POV~   

Two Weeks Later…     



"Explain to me again why I agreed going with you, when I am not even famous!?" Kendall exclaimed fixing the skirt of her dress again. She seemed to do that a lot when she got nervous, it always helped her calm her nerves. 


"Because your MY best friend so technically you are famous and to add to your fame your boyfriend is famous...soo...yeah you have to come." I explain as Lacey laughs at my explanation and walks off to fine my dress I had to wear to the PETA Charity Dinner.


"That is a stupid excuse to get all dressed up looking STUPID!" She yelled frustrated with the situation as I laugh and pull her into tight hug. 


"Just go and find Tristan and go bother him while I finish getting ready. And Kendall you look beautiful." I compliment her making her smile as she walks out of my room. A few minutes after Kendall walked out of my room Lacey returns with my gray over the shoulder dress I was going to be wearing for dinner.  "Here you go by the way you are going to look beautiful." She said while I change out of my pj's and into the dress that fell a little above me knee. 


"Can you zip me up?" I ask to no one in particular as I fell two strong hands zip up my dress lingering their hand on me before removing their hands. I was positive it wasn't Lacey her hands where soft and delicate, but I never excepted who I saw it was. 


"Carter!?" I exclaim as he smiles and removes his hands from me as Mackenzie walks into the room wearing a cream colored petticoat over a studding purple pleated dress that hugged her now trimmed curves. At her now tiny waist was a black ribbon that gave it a young feeling while her purple heels gave the same affect, but her dress and heel wasn’t what caught my attention but the two rings sitting on her ring finger. It was the same diamond ring that I had seen over six months ago on my phone with the taunting caption. Over the diamond ring there was gold ring with diamonds wrapped around it making it sparkle with even the smallest moment of her finger. 


“Hey, I heard you were going to be at the dinner so I decided to stop by so you could finally meet your goddaughter.” He said grinning as Mackenzie left and came back with a small little five month old girl who was almost identical to her mother with her blonde hair and pale skin, but she had her fathers light grey and blue orbs. The same orbs I had stared at so many times and always seemed to get lost in where staring straight at me from other person…his daughter. 


“Hey, me!” I said taking her from her mother and sitting on the nearest couch and setting her on my lap, bouncing her up and down as she giggled.

“Amanda are you-OH! A BABY!” Louis screamed as he rushed and sat next to me wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me on his lap while Carter’s daughter was still in my arms. 

“What’s her name?” Louis asked me as let me slide back on the couch but keeping his arms around my waist. I don’t think he noticed Mackenzie and Carter standing awkwardly on the side until Carter spoke up. 

“Amanda.” He said with a small smile as Mackenzie wrapped her arms around his waist pulling him closer to her. 

"Hey that's your name too." Louis said sounding like a two year old.

"Haha, that's cause she's named after me because her father wasn't very creative." I said frowning at Carter who seemed to tense up at my response. I felt Amanda wiggle around in my arms, so I gave up on glaring at Carter and turned my attention back to the small child in my arms. She kept moving and squirming around in my arms until I locked my arms around her and got up rocking her back and forth while humming one of the guys (One Direction)'s song to her. After a few more minutes of squirming she finally calmed down and fell asleep in my arms. 

"Andy, I hope one day you'll be holding our children like that." Louis whispered in my ear while I handed the small child back to her mother who smiled a fake smile at me in return. 

"Don't think that will be anytime soon Lou." I said pecking his lips and entwining our finger as Carter only stared at me as if I had two heads. 

"You two are so adorable together don't you think Carter?" Mackenzie stated with a small smirk on her lips. Louis hadn't even noticed the compliment because I am pretty sure he was only focused on the name of the person who stood in front of me. He knew it was Carter, that the guy who broke my heart and forced Louis to mend it back together was sitting right in front on him. Louis released his grip in my hand and moved it to my waist tightly. 

"I don't want to be rude, but what were your guy's names?" Louis asked with caution over all his voice. I moved closer to him hoping that my presence would calm him a down enough to make him think rationally. 

"Oh! Where are my manners I'm Mackenzie Darine and this is my husband Carter Darine. "She said while kissing Carter's cheek and smiling at a now frowning Louis. He finally had recognized her, that was the one thing about going to visit Carter's daughter one of the guys were going to insist on coming with me. My biggest fear had been seeing them again and having them recognize the girl who had destroyed my life for all those months. They had sworn if they ever saw her again they would personally make sure she was placed in jail to rot for all the pain and misery she had caused. But now all my rehearsed ways of dealing with this very situation seemed to fade away into ridiculous thoughts.

"Oh. Well nice to meet you…but umm I was coming to get Andy cause we are leaving right now but if you want I can walk you guys out." Louis said trying to politely kick them out of the hotel room and if necessary out of the hotel completely. 

“Oh! A course we should probably let Andy,” Mackenzie said my name sweetly as if we were best friend. “finish get ready.” She finished with a small smirk on her mouth. I couldn’t take it anymore the way she clings to Carter almost as flaunting him in front of my face. She knew that it hurt me and that is why she kept up the charade of her being completely in love with Carter. 

“Bye Mandy.” Carter said waving while holding his daughter in his arms as she copied her dad and waved at me. 

“Bye Mini Me!” I said leaning down at Carter’s arms and kissing Amanda’s forehead.

“Bye Carter.” I said looking up at his eyes as he stares down at me since I was currently barefoot. 

“Andy, go put you shoes on we have to leave.” Louis commanded wrapping his arms around my waist and leading me away from Carter as Mackenzie sat there with a grim look on her face as she saw me and Carter’s interaction. By the look on her face she hadn’t excepted me and Carter to get along so well, but she quickly smiled at Louis who was talking to her say it was nice to meet her. 

“Oh! No it was my pleasure to meet the handsome and famous Louis Tomlinson!” She said placing her hand on his shoulder and smiling. Oh! Hell No! We went through this once and we are not going to go through this again especially not with poor innocent Louis. I was about ready to walk over and punch her in the face and scream at her with all the very colorful words I could think of, but before I could even react Louis pushed her hand away. 

“I would prefer if you didn't try to flirt with me when I have a girlfriend and last time I checked you had a husband, it’s disgusting that you are trying your crap again but this time on me I won’t fall at your feet like Carter did. I LOVE AMANDA! So I suggest you leave NOW!” Louis said pointing his finger out the door at a stunned Mackenzie who stood there frozen in place. I had never seen Mackenzie speechless like she stood in front of me right now as Louis confronted her about what she had done so many months ago. After a few more moments Carter pulls on her arm and pulls her out of the door while she screams at Carter. 

“ AREN'T YOU GOING TO DEFEND ME! WHAT KIND OF HUSBAND ARE YOU!!” She screamed stalking down the hallway with a calm almost relaxed Carter follows her down the hall. I watch him walk down the hallway but before stepping around the corner he turns and looks at me staring at him with a smile on his face. “CARTER!” Mackenzie screams from what it seemed the elevator; I watch Carter’s smile turn into a frown before he mouth I love you and turns the corner to go catch up with his wife. I take a deep breath before walking back into my room to put my shoes on and grab my clutch that was sitting on my bed. When I walked in Louis was sitting on the bed with his head in the palm of his hands, while his fingers were pulling slightly on the tip of his hair. Seeing him so upset made my heart stop for a second before speeding up realizing I was the entire reason for his anger. 

“I am so sorry Louis…I didn’t mean for any of-” I start but Louis stops me before I can even continue. 

“No, Andy this was completely my fault I shouldn’t have snapped at Mackenzie like that…it’s just it pissed me off to know that the girl that caused you so much pain was standing right in front of me FLIRTING with me while her husband stood right next to her!" He finished his rant with ragged breathing as he stared at met waiting for some sort of reaction. 

"I am not mad at you Lou." I said slipping on my sliver heels and grabbing my clutch. 

"I thought you were." He said lowering his head back in his hands hiding all his emotions along with it. 

"I honestly thought you were going to be mad at me for them being here is the first place." I admit taking his hands away from his face and entwining my fingers between his. His hands where slightly warm probably still from all the anger him, but the were slowly starting to calm down. I look at Louis clear eye staring at me while I fidget with my hands on his as he tries to get my attention. 

"Andy, I am not mad at you." He states letting a breath go before continuing. "I just want to know what they were doing here." He said standing up and resting his cool forehead on my warm one. 

"I honestly don't know." I said kissing his sweet lips leaving them tinted pink from my lipstick. "I am sorry Boo." I said wrapping my arms around him, even thinking he was mad at me sent a pain through my chest. It was the same pain I used to get when Carter and I would fight whether it be over who got the last scoop of ice cream or my dislike towards Mackenzie. No matter how big or small the fight whenever I saw anger in his eyes it made me instantly forgot why I was mad and I would forgive him or ask for forgiveness right away. 

"Amanda it wasn't your fault. I. Love. You." He said pausing after every word to make sure I heard him. 

"I love you too Louis William Tomlinson." I said without even thinking which slightly stunned me at how quickly and easily responded, but I quickly pulled my poker face back on. Louis pecks my lips before leading me out of the room, but we bump into Harry who looked slightly irritated. 

"Where have you two been!!" He shouted making me slightly jump at the tone of his voice. Louis laughs at me while turning to me and smiling before looking back at Harry who was glaring at me making me cowering into Louis. 

“We were having a little fun.” Louis said winking at Harry before walking around him and leading me towards the elevator where Cassidy stood with her heels tapping the ground with the heel of her foot. Her gold heels sparkling each time the light hits them, while her arms where crossed with her matching gold clutches was been held in her left hand. She was wearing a black and white over the shoulder dress with a gold band around her small waist. (http://www.polyvore.com/cassidys_outfit_hometown_badboy_vs/set?id=59746745#stream_box)

“You two have fun messing around while we stood downstairs waiting FOR A FULL HOUR!” She yelled while Rhia comes up laughing with Trent who lead her to us with a smile on his face. She wore something more classy cream dress that had lace on the waist making her curves stand out. 

“Rhia why are you laughing, you should be helping me yell at Andy for taking so long.” Cassidy whines to Rhia. She didn’t even seem to notice her friends annoyance because she was to busy staring at Harry who was laughing uncontrollably at her at the moment.  

“Whoa! What did I miss that has Harry laughing so hard.” Kendall asked coming out from her room. 

“Rh…ia’s ne…ck…la…ce” He manages to say in between his laughs pointing at Rhia’s neck that she was covering up with her hand as her cheek are a deep pink. Trent grabs her sides and starts tickling her until she gives up and lets her neck go allowing the small necklace fall from her grip. It was a infinite sign with the word “Directioner’s” melded in the end of the infinite sign. I had seen the same necklace on a lot of die hard fans that came to see the guys at the greet and meets or sometimes just out in about. 

“Aww! Rhia’s a directioner!” Louis screamed from beside me as Trent finally letting of a really pissed Rhia who seemed ready to kill someone. 

“Awww…Louis was making out with Andy for the last hour!” She said smirking as it seemed as though all the blood in my body rushed to my cheeks while Louis just laughed and nodded his head. 

“Yup, at least I am getting some.” He said smiling at her while wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me closer to him, but all I did was cross my arms across my chest and pout making everyone laugh at me. 

“You guys are bullies.” I mumbled before mumbling and walking to the elevator while everyone was still laughing. I press the close door button while everyone finally noticed I was gone, and they started shouting for me to keep the door open. I only smile and wave at them as the doors close locking me inside while they pound on the doors. 

“THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR MAKING FUN OF ME!” I scream at the top of my lungs as the elevator starts moving down making the sounds of their pounding slowly fade. After a few more seconds my phone started to ring announcing that someone was calling me. 

“Hellloooo?” I answer extending the word a lot more than I needed too.






||: A/N    And with that I leave you all: ) haha! Cliffhanger! Mwahaha! So what do you think of this chapter I personally hate it -____-…but that’s my opinon! I just wanted to say thank you to my amazing reader almost 700 reads! Eeekk! I love you all Thank you so much! Keep reading I love you all!    Love,  FallingForYou21

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