Be Somebody

Victoria lived with her dad in a small town in America,until he died in a car accident. She moved in with her mom soon after.will her moving in with her mom have a new twist in her not so perfect life?


11. To good to be true

Tori POV

i cant believe me and harry are together.. well i mean he never really asked me out but i don't care i love the feeling i get when I'm around him. i just feel so safe. When he pulled away all the hormones in body were telling me to pounce on him, but i didn't and I'm glad i didn't. i dont want to have a relationship that's just sex.i want more than that. So i asked him if he wanted to go watch a flick with me so i didn't do anything stupid. thankfully he said yes so we got re clothed and headed down stairs hands intertwined.


"yes love?"

"can u pick a flick while i go get a blanket?"

"of course!"

i went into the closet upstairs and grabbed the softest blanket and headed down stairs back to him and sat down next to him, he grabbed the blanket and cuddled up next to me, he is so warm i love this feeling.

"So what movie did you pick haz?"

"Love acually" he smiled

i personally dislike this movie becouse its so lovey dovey and i could never have it and i guess harry noticed my reaction..

"Is that ok?"

"erm well i rather we didnt how about one of the Scary Movies? like Scary movie 2?"

"I love that one!"

"okay!" with that i rested my head on his chest and i could here his heart beat it was so calming i smiled a little, i started to trace his abbs with my fingers and when i got to the bottom he flinched a little. i looked up and smiled at him and he just kissed my lips and smiled his signiture smile at me. when his phone went off.

"Can you grab that for me babe?" i nodded and handed it to him.

Harry POV

i just was staring into her deep blue gray eyes, they were so beutiful and i saw she was smiling so i kissed her and pulled away to stare into her eyes once more until our moment was gone, because my phone went off.

TEXT FROM: Louis :)

"Hello Harry our flight is coming in early so we will be their within the week! Love You! :)x"



"How soon? i want you to meet someone special :)"


TEXT FROM: Louis :)

"ooooo Harrys gotta a girlfriend! Harrys Gotta GIRLFRIEND!!!! :)x whats her name?"



"Her name is tori shes sweet beautiful smart shy and sitting right next to me :)"


TEXT FROM:Louis :)

" Picture? :)"



"You'll see her when you get here! i g2g were watching a movie ;) love you!!! :)x"


TEXT FROM:Louis :)

"Okay ;)"


"So who was that?" Tori asked me kinda sadly.

"Oh that was louis he and the boys are fling in from Hawaii and staying with me until we back on tour in about two months"

"What do you mean boys? and tour?"

"Wait do u not know who i am?

"Yes your harry styles my boyfriend?" she sounded kinda hurt.

"Yes and i always will be yours but im in a band called One Direction..."

her mouth just droped and she looked at me like i was crazy

"Are you the one who has the voice i fell in love with?"

i started to sing to her and i tear came into her eyes and i stopped and just held her close to me until she let go of me



"Why didnt you tell me before?"

"I thought you knew.."

"I didnt but i guess you'll be singing to me a lot more now' and i just winked and me.

she was reaching for my hand so i reached out and she missed my hand and grabbed my dick... and a moan escaped my lips she quickly pulled away.

"Oh My Gosh! im so sorry i ment to grab your hand!"

"Its ok, its not like i didnt like it" i just smiled and her and held her close to me with my hand on the small on her back and her body up to mine and i kissed her.

Tori POV

i really just grabbed his dick... wow *mental face palm...but he liked it, and he even said he liked it...i hope he dosent expect me to go to 3rd base on our 1st day of dating did he? when he grabbed me and pulled me up to his body i could feel the bulge in his pants and idk it felt right in a way but also wrong in another. he went in for a kiss and of course i kissed him back i mean who wouldnt? we were kissing and i could feel his tongue trying to get into my mouth and now we were french kissing and into another makeout session. he picked me up and threw me onto the couch and went on top of me we were kissing and i felt his body jerk a little against mine...

was he that desperate? i continued to kiss him and he started to take off my shirt...




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