Be Somebody

Victoria lived with her dad in a small town in America,until he died in a car accident. She moved in with her mom soon after.will her moving in with her mom have a new twist in her not so perfect life?


17. texting

Harry POV

i just got back and realized tori left her sweater in my car so i texted her when i git back home


F Harry: "Heyyy babe, u left your sweater in my car"

F Tori "Omg that's were that was haha and guess what?!"

F harry "haha yah and what?"

F tori " My mom bought me an apartment in London and shes moving to America....idk why but im excited!"

F harry "That means ill be farther away from you :("

F tori " well heres the best part my mom said i can have someone move in! well if u want to i mean cuz we both are young...and rent is paid for for 2 years! and if you cant come live with me you can come visit me and stay for a weekend or something"

F harry "It sounds fun babe, ill have to tell my mom :)"

F tori " well im going to bed now and my moms taking me shopping for the apartment stuff and a car! so ill text you the deets tomarrow.. night babe :* "

F harry "goodnight babe :* "


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