Be Somebody

Victoria lived with her dad in a small town in America,until he died in a car accident. She moved in with her mom soon after.will her moving in with her mom have a new twist in her not so perfect life?


19. shopping!

Tori POV

Harry dropped me of at my house after school so my mom could take me shopping! im soo excited!! I walked in the front door and saw boxes and boxes and the house was pretty packed up and there was my mom sleeping on the couch. So i went upstairs and into my room and saw a stack of empty boxes, so i set down my stuff and started to pack up little things that i had. Now i have 3 boxes packed....And my mom walked in all dressed up purse in hand.

"Ready?" she said in an enthusiastic tone.

" Yes i am" and smiled.

We walked out and got into her rental car, which just happened to be a Range Rover, which was pretty cool but not my type. But my mom sure was loving it! well we were off to the mall, in London of course! we found alot of cute stores to go in but only found a few things, Then we found this boutique it was called simplement délicieux which meant simply delightful in french. it was gorgeous inside it had everything to decorate my condo/apartment/flat. we ended up buying a huge couch to fit 5, then two reclining chairs, a bean bag chair, a coffee table, a huge flat screen tv and a stand, stuff for the fireplace, a queen sized bed ,and a double for the guest room, a few rugs, a bunch of paintings, a desk and a chair, a mac computer, speakers, and some fire alarms and carbon-monoxide detectors. We filled the car and left for my new flat, which just happened to be on the top floor and had the roof access which was gorgeous! We had the door man and bell hop help us with all the furniture, it took forever! But it was soo worth it, it had dark brown bamboo flooring, the walls where tan and there where potted trees in the corners i thought it felt welcoming after we added all the furniture into the rooms and paintings on the wall. Now all i needed was clothes to go in my new walk in closet!


"Hey mom?"

"Yes honey" she said as she was putting the rest of food she bought in the pantry.

"Would you mind taking me car shopping now?"

"Oh my i almost forgot! yes lets go now!"

so we were of to the first car dealership we saw, which was a used car lot. Not what i wanted but it works.

"Hello how may i help you?" a man said as we walked out of our car.

"Um hello im here to buy my daughter a car that will last her a while,more like 5 or 6 years"

"Ahh okay well we have 5 cars that only have 5,000 miles on it, sound good?"

"Thats great!"

"Okay follow me" we followed him to the back of the lot where 5 cars were.

"Okay here we have a dodge charger, then a Chevy Camaro, then we have a Toyota Camry, then Audi and finally we have a ford focus, anything catch your eye?'

"The Audi!!!!" i screamed like a little kid.

"Ahh good eye, would you like to take it for a test drive?"

"Yes please!" i said with a smile

my mom looked at the price tag and was shocked it was from the manufacturer so it was a lot cheaper. i can get it for $26,750 and that is dirt cheep for something this quality.

So when i took the test drive my mom signed papers and it was mine, it was cherry apple red, and it had leather seats with plenty of room in the back, it fit 4 comfortably. Perfect.

i walk back to hand the dealer the keys but he grabbed a key ring and handed it back to me.

"THANK YOU  MOM!!!!" i screammed hugging her.

"Your welcome now let go i cant breath haha"

 now all i have to do is get harry over here and we can go clothes shopping! i bet he'll love that, ha who am i kidding it will be fun to model for him though :)


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