Be Somebody

Victoria lived with her dad in a small town in America,until he died in a car accident. She moved in with her mom soon after.will her moving in with her mom have a new twist in her not so perfect life?


8. just so right

Tori POV

i was pretty tired so just went to be bed though it was only 9pm so i thought it was good idea since i have to start high school tomorrow so i just layed down in drifted into sleep. i woke up to my phone ringing, it was a One Direction singing Torn. and may i say BEST wake up call ever!


"hi,it this tori?"

"erm, yes whose this?"


"oh, hi harry how'd you get my number?"

"your mom"

i could tell he was smiling on the other end of the phone, which made me smile.

'well thank you mom'

"yes thank you tracy"

"did i really just say that out loud?"

"yep, so would you like a ride too school?"

crap school im still in bed and no were near ready..

"sure!!! how much time do i have?"

"about an hour"

"ok and your welcome here if ud like while i get ready" did i really just say that? well maybe he will say no.

"sure! ill be over in 10min"

shit... "ok! see you then"

i ran outa bed and quickly took a shower which took 15min. so i walked out of my bathroom in just a towel and walked strait into my closet not even looking up. i was to busy singing free fallen. i dropped my towel and but on matching bra and undies from Victoria's secret.i love that store.i threw on a black v neck tshirt and realized my favorite shorts wear on my chair. so i walked out of the closet and my eyes widened

"woh" harry said he was lyen on my bed

"OMG how did you get in here? im so sorry you have to see me like this!" i ran across the room grabbed my shorts and threw em on.

"its ok..... really i liked the view" he said

"damn you really are cheeky" i just smiled at him

he smiled and i saw his dimples that i just loved..

"soo arre you ready?"

"i still have to do my make up and fix my mess of hair..."

"i like your hair like that it suits you and you are just naturally beautiful you don't need much make up"

i once again smiled at him, i dont i've ever smiled this much in one day...with his complement i went and blew dried my hair and it was perfectly wavy and smooth and for makeup i just put on under eye liner and mascara.

"ready!" i yelled out of the bathroom

he quickly got up and looked at me im pretty sure he liked the view because he was speechless.

"Okay lets go harry" i began to feel a little more insecure about myself.

Harry POV

we both got into my car and it was silence so i turned on the radio and of course One Direction came on. it was same mistakes came on and i just jumped in my seat.

"OMG i love this song! i mean..this songs pretty cool..."

"you like this band?"

"Yes! i mean there cool"

"well whose your favorite?"

"ohh i dont know names but their is one voice that i just love" she smiled at me

"can you point it out to me?"

"he dosent have another solo in this other then the intro.."

"ohh maybe next time?"


i knew she ment me so i just had those little butterflies in my stomach...

maybe i do have a chance with her...






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