Be Somebody

Victoria lived with her dad in a small town in America,until he died in a car accident. She moved in with her mom soon after.will her moving in with her mom have a new twist in her not so perfect life?


12. HIDE!




Harry was tryen to rip of my shirt but he didn't get it over my head so my shirt was around my neck.. wonderful! he started kissing at my neck and began to trail down kissing at my stomach i lifted my arms up above my head and knocked down a lamp and it broke great that's going to be fun to explain.. wait why am i being so negative a hot guy is all over me and I'm not even going to make him feel good? hmmm..

i pulled him back to my face and i rolled on top of him and grabbed hand fulls of his hair and started kissing him more passionately and just stopped dead in my tracks...

"Do you have a?"

"I'm sooo sorry you made me a little to happy I'm soo sorry!"

"its ok really haha"

*random door opens and slams*

"Shit my moms back we gotta hide go in the closet over their hurry!"

i turned of the TV and the lights and ran into the closet with the blanket and a pillow of some sort because i knew we'd have to stay in here knowing my mom is drunk of her ass right now.i mean i love her to death but when she goes to her so called work on a Friday, which she has off, she will be drunk...

i got into the closet and setup a bed to sleep and we just cuddled up together and i fell asleep in his arms. thankfully we didn't have school tomorrow i could sleep in peace.


Harry POV

did i really just sleep in a closet? i woke up because tori was rolling around squirming so i just grabbed her and held her close and her eyes shot open to my surprise they changed color they were gray and around her pupil was a golden yellow, One more reason to be around her more.

"How long have you been staring at me harry?"

"Well not long enough"

"i would hate to break your staring fest but i think imma go get an Advil, i have a major headache"

"Alright do you want me to c-" i was cut off

"So you stay here haha"

she got up and walked out so i grabbed my phone, i think i want her to have some more girl  friends. Maybe she'll like Eleanor? i text her.

TO: El

" Hello El i recently got a girlfriend and i thought you may want to hangout with her? shes sweet and super intelligent and i think you two would be good friends.. so what do you say?"



"oooo how about we have a double? me and lou and you and...?"


TO: El

"Her name is tori and is lou back already? and otherwise it sounds great! :) would tomorrow be good?"



"Yes hes back he got back about 3hrs ago hes actually sleeping along with the boys and tomorrow at 3? and by the way the name Tori goes quite well with your name :) well i got to go lou is waking up so bye! :)"


Tori got back and i basically sneaked out to come back in and saw hello to her mother. she claimed we have to be related because our hair is both supper curly hair and im pretty sure she liked me, since we already met and now im dating her daughter. The day went bye fast and before i knew it it was time for me to head back so i just briefed tori on tomorrow on how i was going to take her out and ill cal her in the morning....




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