Be Somebody

Victoria lived with her dad in a small town in America,until he died in a car accident. She moved in with her mom soon after.will her moving in with her mom have a new twist in her not so perfect life?


20. Harry

Harry POV

i wanted to see how it all went with tori shopping so i called her, well i actually just wanted to hear her voice. :)

"Hello?" she said

"Hey babe, how was shopping?"

"Good my whole flat is finished, almost i just need one more thing hahaha"

"And that is?"

"You here with me" she said in a flirtatious tone.

"Your there now?"

"Yup, how about i come pick you up and we go clothes shopping?"

"Hmm i have to think about it.."

"Ill model it for you"

"I've been convinced, how soon?"

"half an hour depending on traffic, im in my car now"

"Your on the phone driving?!"

"No, well yes but its hooked up so your speaking through the speakers haha"

"Ohh okay well ill see you soon?"

"Yup bye babe"

"I love you bye"

"Love you too"

i just smiled I'm as happy as i can be....

Tori POV

this is a long car ride! ugh but as long as i can see harry im only 10minutes away so i guess i should call him.

"Hey babe"

"Hello harry haha"

"Whats up?"

"Ill be there in like 5minutes and you wanna stay at my place tonight?"

"Sure let me put some stuff together and just come in when your here"


within like 2 minutes i pulled in and grabbed my purse and pulled the key out of the ignition and walked in, no one was home so i walked up stairs and pushed open harry door to see his bare white ass, i giggled to myself, and he turned around.

"Hey babe" he said still not realizing his.... yah.. was.. out in the open.

"Hey babe do you mind covering yourself?"

he looked down and laughed.

"You know you liked it haha" then he put on some Calvin Klein underwear. then sweat pants and his purple jack wills hoodie.

"ready yet?"

"just one more thing" he walked over and grabbed cologne a beanie.

"Ready now?"

"Yes" then he grabbed my hand and we walked out then he stopped.

"Whats wrong?"

" you have an audi?!" he said like a little kid in a candy store

"Yes now lets go "

we got him the car and started it driving off back into London the care ride seemed short from harry fake singing all the songs that came on, then him telling pointless stories, and him saying cheesy pickup lines and horrible jokes. Man i love him. and we were at my flat finally.

We walked in and into the elevator and i swiped my card and it took us to the top floor straight into my flat, then i grabbed harry's hands and brought him in and showed him around.

"Okay you have 3 options on where you can sleep, 1 on the couch,2 the guest bed, or 3 with me in my bed, so you can decide but lets go shopping!"

he smiled in a cheeky way "okay"

i took his hand again and we went to the mall and stopped at a few stores and i got a bunch of clothes. And we were walking down the stairs and harry stopped


"Do you mind?"

i was confused until i saw what store we where in front of

"Harry i'm still 15 how about when i turn 16?"

"Which is in a few days babe"


we walked into none other than a costume store, and adult costume shop.

harry went straight for the tiny dresses and then he came back

"Model for me?" he said with puppy dog face

"not in public looks like your coming in with me, just don't get any ideas"


then we walked into the biggest dressing room and he sat down in the corner and handed me a cop outfit

"Close your eyes, and no peaking!"

i got on the outfit and it was super short and tight but i could move, it also made my boobs look 2 sizes biggger

"Um harry?"

"yes babe?" he opened his eyes that went wide and he licked his lips

"okay its coming of now"

"No you look good!" he got up and wrapped his arms around my waste pulling me close and kissing me passionately.

"okay harry you go buy this while i change into my clothes"

he walked out and payed for it and a few other things which i didn't bother asking and we left and were back to my flat in minutes.

something is up with him i've gotta find out


"Yea babe?"

"Whats up with you?"

"what do you mean?"

"Whats is wrong? your acting strange"

"Nothing i'm just kinda tired"

"ohh well wanna invite lou and el over and we can play a drinking game?

"Or we can just play it" he said with a smirk

"Alright, fine by me"

i walked away and came back with vodka and cranberry juice and shot glasses

"Okay so we both will have 6 shots who ever finishes first kisses the loser the way the choose, second round is they pick anything, 3rd is anything as well got it?"

we played he won first and we made-out for about 20minutes, then 2nd round i won and i turned on skrillex and sat him down and had a hard core make-out session then i ended up grinding on him, hey i was drunk what do you expect? 3rd round i won again by a few seconds and a slipped and fell but harry caught me all i remember was him leaning down and us kissing then everything else was blank.

*In The Morning*

i woke up on the floor in Harry's arms and my head was pounding like crazy then i felt a flash of heat and jumped out of Harry's arms and to the bathroom and puked and puked and puked.

then i felt harry behind me and he held my hair back and rubbed my back, i really do love him.


Harry POV

i woke up on the floor and heard tori in the bathroom puking, im just glad we didn't do something we'd regret last night. all i remember is how much alcohol tori can take without blacking out, she must be Irish hahaha or related to Nial well i better go help her, so i walked in the bathroom and held her hair back and rubbed her back. then she stopped and got up flushed the toilet and then brushed her teeth like 5 times then came back and kissed me. then i just hugged her

"Thank you" she said in my chest

"Your welcome" then i picked her up bridal style and carried her into our i mean her bedroom and we layed down in her bed and cuddled......................... she kept kissing me until we were making-out for a long time and i just wanted to sleep so i decided ill make her tired so i started kissing her with more force and rolled on top of her and kissed her more passionately and she did the same until she was grabbing at my shirt..... and ripped it off... my hormones took over and i took her shirt off then her bottoms she was left in a bra and underwear and she unzipped my pants and started for my underwear and those flew across the room then i took her bra off and she flipped me over and started kissing down my body and i moaned and she came backup grabbed onto my hair and kissed me harder i slid my hands down he sides and slipped of her underwear and thenn

"Harry? harry? wake up!" tori said

"It was a dream?"

"What? no we got drunk last night i puked that all happened then we fell asleep and i woke up to you making weird..nevermind hahahah"

"Okay well how about we go out today? lunch sound good?

"yea lets get ready"


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