Be Somebody

Victoria lived with her dad in a small town in America,until he died in a car accident. She moved in with her mom soon after.will her moving in with her mom have a new twist in her not so perfect life?


6. first day in holmes chapel

Tori POV

i woke up at 930 and i was pretty happy.i had almost finished unpacking all my stuff except my gutair and amp. i grabed it and put it in the corner of the room.i went into the bathroom reput up my hair changed into my silky purple shorts and a hoodie,  i walked down stairs to see my mom and some other woman and a very gorgeous boy who looked my age.

"erm.. mom?"

"Oh good your up! i wanted you to meet anne and harry"

"oh well Hello im Tori" i smiled my best fake smile

"hello im harry" the boy said.

he looked soo damn cute! he had dark brown curls with the prettiest green eyes ive ever seen,i could just melt into them. he was like almost a foot taller than me but he was soo cute! i smiled a real smile this time.

"well hello again haha i was just going to go watch a flick you can join me if you'd like" i said with a smile.

"how about you and harry watch a movie while me and your mother chat?"

"sounds good!!!" harry said a little to fast in reply.

Harry POV

oh my goodness i dont think ive seen a girl this georgeous before... i cant believe it but i think i like her.. when she asked if i wanted to qatch a flick with her i was so eager to do so i replied to my moms answer a tad to fast... i always mess things up so i have to redeem myself. then she spoke.

"alright then haha come with me harry" she said with a smile

i couldnt help but feel butterflies when she said my name.

"ok!"i said

Tori POV

harry and i walked down stairs to the huge tv to watch a movie.

"what kinda movie do u want to watch harry??"

"i kinda wanna watch a scary movie what about you?"

i think ill find the scariest one so i can hide in his chest when i get to scared i thought and smiled.


_once we picked a movie which turned out to be Texas chain saw massacre i kust died of fright.

he noticed and sat closer to me on the couch like he was asking to protect me.

Harry POV

yes! she picked a scary movie now i have an excuse to hold her close.

halfway through the movie she looked so scared to i scooted a little closer to her but not to close. i just hope she comes the rest of he way over so we can basically cuddle.

i jumped at the sound of her scream and she scooted over to me and burried her head in my chest so i wrapped my arms around her.

i could stay like this forever...

she jumped again and i whispered in her ear "its not real it'll be ok"

she shivered and looked up at me our heads were leaning in to kiss our noses touching,i put my hands cupping her face when i heard my mom yell "harry its time to go!"

i let go and mentally face palmed myself.

"ok mom!" i said and sighed and mouthed im sorry to her but she looked a lil hurt.. was it something i said? i felt so bad i ran back to her and gave her a bear hug and kissed her forehead "goodbye...tori"

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