Be Somebody

Victoria lived with her dad in a small town in America,until he died in a car accident. She moved in with her mom soon after.will her moving in with her mom have a new twist in her not so perfect life?


18. dreams and stuff

Tori POV

I'm running, running down this endless path, shadows chasing me screaming my thing i knew i was on the ground and the shadows caught up to me except they weren't shadow anymore, they were worst. My personal high school bullies Vicky, Madison, and Star. "He will never love you Tori!"Vicky said. "Harry Deserves a high class girl like me not your ugly ass!" Madison growled, then star slapped me "Your such a bitch tori! you don't deserve him! he docent want you! your just a booty call until he meets someone like us" she said in a bitchy tone.

i woke up... it was all a dream i just want nothing to do with them, i never defended myself because i refuse to stoop to there level, but i am going today, i deserve harry, i love him, i may not be the prettiest girl but that docent matter today i will stand up for myself!

my train of thought was interrupted by my phone buzzing

F harry

"Hey babe, sleep well? ill be over in 20 so we can go to Panera for breakfast? :)x"

F Tori

"Sounds great :) i slept well and you?"

F harry

"Perfect :) i would sleep better if you were with me ;) ill be over soon :)xx"

with that i sprinted to the shower and did my business, and walked out yet again in just a towel but this time looking up.

"Your here early haha" i said to harry who was lying on my bed.

"Yah couldn't stay away from you" he smiled at me and got up and walked up to me and wrapped his arms around my waste. kissing at my neck

"Harry... i need too....get ready-y-y" i stuttered

he let go of me and sighed. so i grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him on the lips and let go.

"Your driving me crazy tori do u know how much i want you right now?" he said licking his lips.

"Hmm nope" i smiled at him while popping the 'p' "Guess ill never know" i smiled at him and walked into my closet to change, and i sensed  he was staring so i dropped my towel and slid on a cheetah print thong and a matching bra, which was push up, so i wanted to tease him.

i slid on my black crop top that came right above my belly button that said "Love" in cursive. then i but on my white short shorts and put on a brown braided belt. for my hair i did lose curls all through my hair and i made my makeup perfect, this time putting in my contacts. i have to admit i look hot i thought to myself.

Harry POV

she walked out of her bathroom all dressed and she looked.....Amazing! she looked as if she was a 10 and she was memerizing.

"You look... Hot babe" i said snaking my hand around her waste and pulling her in for a kiss.

"Thanks" she said and smiled.

"I think i love you"

"I love you too harry, More than you'll ever know"

i just smiled and she grabbed her bag and we were off to Panera to grab a bite to eat then we left for school.

*at the school walking in*

Tori POV

me and harry were walking in together hand in hand and people were staring...Mostly the guys drooling and girls glaring. For once i felt confident in myself when i with harry, i felt so alive around him like he was my life source that i can never leave.

"Hey babe?" harry asked me


"Promise me you wont trade me for some other guy who comes along" he said and i was shocked at first.

 "I would never harry i love you with all my heart, and we were meant to be together babe" i said then kissing him passionately then letting go. "You and me forever dont forget that" i said

"I wont" he said grabbing my hand and we headed to our first class then the next and so on, the day went by fast and i didnt tell of Vicky, Madison, Or Star so it was great!



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