Be Somebody

Victoria lived with her dad in a small town in America,until he died in a car accident. She moved in with her mom soon after.will her moving in with her mom have a new twist in her not so perfect life?


16. Dinner and ?

Tori POV

The ride to the restaurant wasn't very long, it was actually very short. i could sense the tension between us. Harry looked very nervous, 'this is a great chance to tease him even more!' i thought to myself. So i slid my hand onto his thigh moving up and down and he tensed up so i went even higher and lifted my hand of of him and grabbed his hand.

"Whats up with you harry?"

"Nothing, its just you've never met Louis or Eleanor"

"Harry im actually good at first impressions, well unless their snobby then that bitch gonna die haha"

he just laughed and eased up and we got there ans yes since Louis and Eleanor were already there we went in and sat down. i sat next to Eleanor and harry sat next to Louis. i got to admit i felt ugly and young next to them...Eleanor is so pretty and looked in her twenty's and same as Louis. Harry looked 17 which he was and i am only 15... and 5ft tall but i did were heels so i got 4ish inches but that didn't really help...

"Well.. Guys this is Tori, Tori this is Louis and this is Eleanor"

"Hello My name is Tori like harry said and it nice to meet you two." i said with a smile.

"Well hello Tori its nice to meet you!" Eleanor said very enthusiastically.

we all shook hands and that was that Eleanor started a conversation with Louis and Harry joined in and so i was sitting there awkwardly.until i felt something touch my foot and rub against it. i looked up at harry and he was smiling like an idiot, with that i took of my shoe and we played footsie until we had to order.

Once everybody ordered i excused myself to the bathroom,i had a strange feeling in my stomach, i got into the bathroom and realized i just got my period i forgot to keep track of it since i moved out here so i had nothing with me...

the bathroom door opened and closed..

"Tori? Are you alright in here?" Eleanor said.

"Um, not really could you do me a favor and get me a tampon?" i said shyly

"Oh my haha i have good ones in my purse let me go get it! ill be right back!"

i herd the clicking of her heels leave and come back in

"Alright got light, medium, heavy, or a super which one would u like?"

"A heavy one please"

she handed it to me under the stale door and did what i needed to and walked out.

"Thank You soo much!" And smiled at her.

"No problem hun"

i washed my hands dried them and walked out with El. Harry had a worried look on his face.

"Everything okay?" harry asked

"Everything is great! haha"

our food came and we ate and talked and i just wanted to head back home and sleep... After a few questions about me and my family and how me and harry meet we said our good byes and left.

Harry dropped me off at my house and i kissed him and got out but he grabbed my hand pulled me back in and kissed me twice :) and i walked up and waved good bye and got in and he sped off.


i took of my shoes and started to walk to my room when my mom stopped me.

"Where have you been?" she asked angrily 

"I went on a date with harry"and a smile crept on my face.

"I guess thats fine but i have to talk to you so take a seat"


we sat down on the couches in the living room

"Okay well i got promoted in my job and that means im going to be stansferred to Chicago in the united states..."

"WAIT WHAT????? were leaving!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"

"No im leaving and your staying i know ur only 15 but ull be 16 in a month so i already bought you an apartment in London and your first 2 years rent is paid for, and its in a really nice building"

"But mom i don't want to live alone!"

"I know that so i thought maybe you could ask a friend or even a boyfriend to move in with you"

"Mom are you crazy?! im 15 and you bought me an apartment and expect me to live on my own?"

"They changed the law of the age of minors so at 16 you are officially an adult and you can drink and you already have a license, it came in the mail yesterday, so all thats left is to buy u a car which we will do tomarrow"

"Are you sure about all this mom?"

"Yes i trust you and after we get you a car i want to start on you getting your apartment all ready and set, and also have you have a constant money flow, sooo i have something else for you..."

she stopped talking and i was still in shock when she pulled out a credit card with my name on it.

"Okay this credit card is a platinum visa card and it has a max of 2 million, its half of what your dad left you and the other half ill give you when your 18"

"Woh"was all i managed to say, i thought about my life and i acually liked the idea of living on my own and be an independent woman, and not a little girl. i was screaming inside so i jumped up and hugged my mom.

"Thank you Thank you Thank you i love this!"

"Your welcome now go get some sleep so we can shop tomarrow!" with that i walked up stairs smiling and went to my room


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