Be Somebody

Victoria lived with her dad in a small town in America,until he died in a car accident. She moved in with her mom soon after.will her moving in with her mom have a new twist in her not so perfect life?


10. best friends?

*about a month later

Tori POV

i think i really really like harry, the problem was so did every other girl...Me and Haz are really close im just afriad all well be is best friends... i want him more and more everyday. in class and the hall we act like were dating but we haven't kissed. I'm just so angry at myself right now. UGH! my phone started beeping it was a text.

TEXT FROM: Hazza ;)

"Hey babe, i think we should talk are you up for Starbucks in an hour? :)xx"


"Of course! see you then! :)x"

i got up hoped in the shower and was so happy i started singing "Isn't she lovely by Stevie Wonder"i seem to really like that song but idk why its just so perfect.i got out did my normal routine o closet for clothes then hair then makeup i decided to were my dark denim skinny jeans with a white holister jumper. i quickly straightened my hair and put on the usual black under eyeliner and mascara. grabbed my puse phone and keys and left.

Harry POV

i was getting a little antsy waiting for her which seemed like forever finally i saw her walk in she tripped on the rug but caught herself. when she went to pick up her phone she dropped the back of her shirt went up just enough to see this cute little butterfly tramp stamp! it was very cute though.

i have her a hug when she walked up and whispered

"i like butterflies" and smiled puting my hand on where i saw it.

"Oh you saw that?" she looked a little embarrassed

"its cute i like it" i smiled again.

"well anyways what is it you wanted to talk about?"

"well... its..."

"come on you can tell me"she smiled innocently.

"ok well the moment i first met you i was taken by your beauty, your kindness, and the way you looked at me. i love how we became so close but it just so hard for me not to kiss you the second i see you, i get jealous when a guy flirts with you, i cant believe your friends with some like me i jus-"

i was cut off by Tori crashing her lips into mine. it felt so right i immediately hand one hand goin up and down her waist and thigh and the other holding her neck. i never wanted to let go i loved this feeling. then she pulled away.

"Harry, i have loved you i dont even know how long"

"i love you too"

"do you mind if we go some were more private?"

"sure were too?"

"my mom wont be home till 5, so that gives us 2 hours" she said winking at me"

we literally ran out of starbucks and into my house into my room.i closed and locked the door and closed the blinds.

i jumped into harrys arms and he grabbed my thighs so i wraped my legs around his body and my arms around his neck. he pinned me against the wall and we begin having a serous make out session. he started walking and threw me on the bed. we were kissing and i was grabbing at his shirt and he ripped it off,then he took mine off, there we were making out on my bed both of us shirtless but no farther. he pulled away and lyed down next to me.

"Do you know how long i wanted to do that?"

"I dont Know how long?"

"Since i met you"

"well we should get re clothed and go watch a flick?"


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