Live While We're Young

Ok so this is my first fanfic so I can't promise it will be any good. Please leave your comments and let me know what you think!

Sierra and Bryana are average 19 year old girls that live in Alberta Canada. They have been Directioners since they were 15 and they decided they want to travel the world, their first destination will be London England. They would have never guessed that meeting 2 members from the band would change their life so much.


3. Was that a dream?

I woke up in my own bed. What the fuck! Did i dream that? Please tell me i didn’t that was so perfect and so real. I was so disappointed. I looked over and Bryana was laying beside me still sleeping. Then my phone buzzed on the ground beside my bed, a text from ‘Haweruuy’ who the hell? I slid the slider and unlocked my phone and read it “Hey gorgeous how you feeling this morning? xx” It took me a minute to figure out what just happened. Harry Styles just texted me. That means last night was real, That actually happened! I quickly texted back “I feel fine, i don’t get hangovers i just don’t remember much.. Did i give you my number? x” Then i woke up bryana by jumping on her and squealing like a little girl. “Harry fucking Styles just texted me! he called me gorgeous! Bryana last night was real! It actually happened!” She groaned and i stopped and my eyes widened, “He kissed me. HE KISSED ME!” i squealed as i started jumping on her again. “Staahhhp” she managed to wheeze out under me, I got off and looked at her. “How the hell can you be sleeping at a time like this?! we should be celebrating!” I squeaked as i jumped off the bed and ran to the kitchen. Shit, we already packed or sold all of our stuff. my phone buzzed on the counter, i pounced on it and opened it up. “Lucky babe, my head hurts :( You don’t remember the ride home? x” “aaaawe he put a sad face” i said to myself knowing full well nobody but Bryana could hear me and she knows i talk to myself all the time. I typed out “aweh I’ll kiss it better x and nope the last thing i remember is kissing you ;)” satisfied with that i sent it. Bryana walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge “shit” she mumbled under her breath and looked at me. “you look pretty rough.” I said and winked at her, “shut up some of us actually get hangovers.” she replied and sat on the counter, filling a glass of water and gulping it down. “Has Zayn texted you?” I asked casually like it happens everyday and she looked at me with confusion clear across her face. “Boo. You and I both know that he doesn’t even know I exist.” and she set down her glass of water. I skipped back to the bedroom and grabbed her phone, unlocking it. “What are you doing?” she asked even more confused now. There was a text from ‘zaduyn’ I giggled to myself seeing that she was also too drunk to spell last night. I opened the text and it read “Good morning lovely :)xx” I smiled so big that she jumped off the counter and grabbed her phone, reading the text. Her eyes got wide and she almost dropped her phone, “Is this who i think it is!?” she studdered. “yup.” I said popping the ‘p’. She screamed and jumped on me, wrapping her legs around my waist and almost knocking me over. She controlled herself and stood back on the floor. “Last night wasn’t a dream.” she breathed. “I thought it was too, But it actually happened Bryana.” We looked at each other and just smiled. Remembering all those times in grade 10 when we talked about meeting them and falling in love with them. i was snapped out of it by my phone buzzing, from Haweruuy: ”haha yeah i remember that very well ;)” I smiled at the text then laughed as i realized i need to change his name. Bryana suddenly said “Oh i need to text Zayn back!” I heard her clicking away on her iPhone as i texted Harry back: “I don’t think i remember it as well as you do, i think you need to remind me ;)” Pleased with my ability to flirt with the guy I’ve spent the last few years of my life running a blog about and dying to see just once. I sat there in the kitchen silently thinking about how great my life is. Then i looked at the clock. 2:30, how the hell did it get that late?! “Bryana we need to start getting our shit together! It’s already 2:30!” “What!” she yelped from the bedroom checking her clock “Oh shit!” We took turns showering and we packed up the rest of our stuff laying around and by that time it was about 5:00. “We need to get something to eat, and be at the airport by 10.” Bryana said as she sat on the kitchen floor, happy to be done packing. We were both starving from not eating anything yet due to the lack of food in our apartment. A smile crept across my face as i got an idea. “what are you thinking about?” Bryana said with a smile, “Nandos.” i said and with that, we were off. We hopped in Bryana’s car and headed to one of our newly-found favorite restaurants. 

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