Live While We're Young

Ok so this is my first fanfic so I can't promise it will be any good. Please leave your comments and let me know what you think!

Sierra and Bryana are average 19 year old girls that live in Alberta Canada. They have been Directioners since they were 15 and they decided they want to travel the world, their first destination will be London England. They would have never guessed that meeting 2 members from the band would change their life so much.


5. The start of something new

Bryana and I walked through the airport with wonder in our eyes, everything was different than Canada. We had visited London once when we were 16 but this was completely different. No parents by our side saying "Hurry up girls we have to go check into the hotel!" We were free, we could do anything we wanted. I turned and said to Bryana "Boo... This is amazing I can't believe we made it." She looked at me with tears welling up her eyes "I know. I told myself i wouldn't cry but I'm just so happy." Seeing her tears of joy made me break into tears and we just stood there in the airport hugging and crying, getting weird looks from strangers walking by. We pulled ourselves together and walked out of the airport into the brisk London air. I took a deep breath and let it go, this was it. We waved down a cab and hopped in the back seat after throwing our bags in the trunk, we tried to pack light because this was a new start but seriously. We are girls. "Where to ladies?" the cab driver said in his adorable British accent. "to West Gate Hotel please!" Bryana sang happily more to herself then to the driver and off we went. Our faces were glued to the windows as we stared in amazement at this strange land we were soon to call home. Everything, and i mean everything was different. The steering wheel was on the other side of the vehicle, the vehicles drove on the opposite side of the road and we didn't see a single pick up truck. This was strange because coming from Southern Alberta, that was all we saw our whole lives. We didn't even notice when the cab came to a stop and the driver said "here you go lovelies, I hope you enjoy London." I snapped back to reality and he was smiling at us and waiting for us to get out and grab our luggage from the trunk. "Oh! Thank you sir!" I said with a smile and he laughed, Probably at my accent but i didn't take the conversation anything further and hopped out. Bryana and I took our luggage out and closed the trunk, then stopped. What stood before us was the most beautiful building i have ever seen in my life. It was huge! There were flowers all along the pathway to the large sliding doors, even the flowers looked different here. I started walking but Bryana stopped me "Sierra I can't even afford to pee in a place like this!" I giggled and said "Bryana this is only a 2 star hotel, we can afford it i checked and even got a room online!" Her eyes widened, "THIS is a 2 STAR hotel?!" I laughed and dragged her inside. The lady at  the front desk smiled at us and said "Hello how may i help you?" I said "Hello i booked a room here online a couple weeks ago." She looked at her computer screen, "What is your last name please?" "Parkin." I said with a smile. "Okay here is your room key, and one for you." Handing one to each of us, "Your room number is 363, welcome to London and enjoy your stay!" I smiled at her and we walked towards the elevator. Why did everyone keep saying that, was it that obvious we weren't from around here? We got in the elevator and i realized i haven't turned my phone on since we got off the plane so i reached into my purse and grabbed it out. "Oh! i forgot about my phone!" Bryana squealed and dug around in her bag for it. Bzzzz, Bzzzz a text from Hazza: "Good morning love, how was your flight? xx" Oh i forgot the time difference, it was 9:30 at night here so that means it was... I counted on my fingers 7 hours backwards. 2:30 in the afternoon back in Canada, wow. So i texted back: "hey hazzzzzzzaa ;) Just got to our hotel and wow this place is beautiful i was born in the wrong country haha! xxx" Beeep. We reached floor 22, the very top. I looked at Bryana, "Oh my god we are on the top floor I've never stayed on the top floor of a hotel before!" She nodded her head and walked forwards, i skipped along behind her and decided i would let her find the room. "355....359....362.. Ah! 363!" she squealed and jammed her room key into the lock. She opened the door and gasped, it was beautiful! We walked in, leaving the door open, and dropped all our bags on the floor. I looked at Bryana and winked. She new exactly what i meant and we both ran squealing like little girls to the two queen sized beds beside each other. We jumped on them and started jumping around singing any song we could think of and throwing pillows at each other. Anybody who walked past would have though we were crazy but we didn't care, we were having the time of our lives. In London, England. Bryana hopped off the bed and skipped over to the door to shut it and i plopped down on my bed and just laid there, perfectly content. Just then, the jet lag hit both of us like a train. "Holy shit *yawn* I'm so tired..." I said between yawns and snuggling into the soft sheets. Bryana said "Oh wow... me too..." And with one final yawn we both drifted off into a peaceful sleep. We were finally living our dream. 

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