Live While We're Young

Ok so this is my first fanfic so I can't promise it will be any good. Please leave your comments and let me know what you think!

Sierra and Bryana are average 19 year old girls that live in Alberta Canada. They have been Directioners since they were 15 and they decided they want to travel the world, their first destination will be London England. They would have never guessed that meeting 2 members from the band would change their life so much.


6. The London Eye

I woke up to a blinding light in my face, we forgot to close the fucking curtains. Did i mention I'm not a morning person? I rolled out of bed and slid them closed then checked my phone. It was 10:00 am, how was Bryana not awake? she is always awake before me. Then i saw i had an unread text message so i opened it up and it was from Bryana" "Morning boo the sun is lovely isn't it? ;) come down to the lobby!" As if she opened the curtains so i wouldn't sleep too late! I didn't text her back but set off getting ready for the day knowing she wouldn't take no for an answer. After i took a shower and did my usual light makeup and curled my long brown hair i threw on some royal blue skinny jeans with a loose-fitting top and a pair of heels. I grabbed my phone, purse and room key then slipped out the door and into the hallway. Closing the door firmly behind me. I walked towards the elevator wondering what Bryana is up to then starting giggling at the thought of her sitting in the lobby waiting for god knows how long. I get in the elevator and hit the ground floor and stride out expecting to see Bryana standing there with her arms crossed tapping her foot impatiently. I don't. I see her sitting on the couch with five familiar boys sitting around her laughing and talking. My breathe catches in my throat when the realization hits that one direction is sitting with my best friend waiting for me. I breathe normally and put a smile on my face and walk up to them casually like we hangout all the time and Niall is the first one to see me. "Is this Sierra?" he says with a smile, standing up. I nod my head with a smile and he walks straight up to me and hugs me. He seriously gives the best hugs, he hugged me like he would hug an old friend. I let go and he sits back down and then Lou and Liam stand up, "Sierraaa! We've been waiting for you lazy bones!" Lou cries as he runs up to me and tackles me into a playful hug. Wow i could get used to this. Next was Liam, he walks up to me ans says "Hey Sierra its very nice to meet you." with the cutest smile he pulls me into a hug. Liam grabs my hand and pulls me to sit between him and Harry, I look at Harry and he winks causing me to smile. Zayn says "Hey Sierra." no need for hugs because I've already met him back in Canada so we go on with our conversation. A couple fans came up to us and asked them for pictures and autographs and such so when we were all done that Liam says "Alright lads and ladies, shall we hit the town?" Me and Bryana look at each other with huge grins, "Hell yeah!" we say at the same time and the boys all laugh. "Your accents are so cute!" Louis says walking beside me. "Louis I don't have an accent, you do!" I laugh as i look at him, holy shit he is gorgeous. His hair is perfect and his eyes are an icy blue, his white t-shirt and royal blue pants fit his body perfectly and i found myself staring. Louis breaks my trance when he says "Hey si si we have matching pants!" I laugh and then look at him with meaningful eyes and say "Lou my grandpa calls me that how did you know?" He flashes his award winning smile and says "I didn't." I look at Harry and he says "Boo bear has a thing for making nick names for people he likes." When he said that i looked back at Lou and blushed. We all pilled into their limo and head off, laughing as they tell funny stories from their world tour. "So tell us about Canada girls, why did you come to London?" Zayn asks looking at Bryana. She responds "We love Canada, but we wanted an adventure, we wanted to see the world and we wanted to try something new. We don't know when we are going back or if we are going back but we are just going to enjoy what life throws at us and have fun while doing it." "She took the words right out of my mouth!" I said with a smile which earned a laugh from the boys. "Tell us some crazy party stories!" Lou said as he leaned forward to listen intently. "well.." i began, knowing i had a couple stories that Bryana didn't. "There was this one party in the summer before grade 11 and i have some crazy stories from what i can remember!" I said with a laugh and everyone else laughed too. "Tell us! Tell us!" Lou sang watching me and waiting for me to continue. "So we had this thing back in good old Fort Macleod Alberta that when there was a big party, everyone from town and other towns would meet at the stadium and then we would all drive to the place the party was being held, if it was out on a farm of course. There would usually be around 60 or 70 cars and it was awesome to see the trail of headlights behind you and the trail of taillights in front of you, so we set off and we got there in pretty good time seeing as how everyone was speeding and showing off. There were 3 kegs and people were doing keg stands and just standing around talking like everyone does at the beginning before anyone is drunk yet. But then people started to get hammered and the music got cranked and everyone was dancing, singing and spilling alcohol everywhere. I somehow got a hold of some moon shine. True story guys i took one drink of it and everything after that is a blur so I'll tell you what i remember. Someone pulled out a slide for little kids and my friend sat on it and it broke so i died laughing from that and then i somehow was standing next to the keg and being cheered on to do a keg stand, i had never done one before and i was kinda scared but the alcohol in my system was saying DO IT DO IT DO IT so i did. I was up for about 3 seconds and my friend Hayley ran up to me and punched me in the vagina WHILE I WAS DOING A KEG STAND so i fell over and chased her, i don't remember anything after that!" Louis was still laughing at me getting punched in the vagina along with Harry and Zayn, but Niall looked like he was thinking hard about something and Liam said "Did you have friends with you to make sure you were ok?" I laughed thinking to myself: classic Liam being all daddy direction. I said "Liam everyone was as hammered as i was!" he laughed and nodded and then Niall piped up "I don't think i have ever done a keg stand.. Is that where you do a hand stand on the keg with people holding you up and chug beer upside down?" I nodded and said "But niall you're irish... How come you've never done a keg stand?!" "I have no idea! Your going to have to take my keg stand virginity i guess." he said with a wink. They are so flirty i don't think i can handle it. We all finished laughing and i looked out the tinted window to watch London pass by, it's so beautiful. The limo stopped and Harry smiled "We're here." he said and jumped out. "Where?!" Bryana asked and i shrugged, i had no idea either. I stepped out and saw the London Eye. My mouth dropped open and i stood there staring at it, Harry walked up to me and put his finger under my chin to close my mouth and laughed. He grabbed my hand and walked me over to the line up, "Everyone who comes to London has to go up the London Eye." he said with a smile. We waited in line for about 40 minutes and then we got to the front and ready to board the very large Ferris wheel. Harry said "How much does it cost to go around till' the sun sets?" We all looked at each other as confused as the man looked at Harry "uh... seeing as how its only 2 in the afternoon quite a bit...." Harry said "okay I'll pay it." and with that he paid and we got in our carriage. We got up a little ways so we were out of the sight of the man running it and harry opened his duffle bag, i was wondering what was in there clinking around. "I brought beer." he said with a smile and handing one to everybody. "But if that guy see's us we will get kicked off, so we have to finish each beer before we get to the bottom!" I eyed him suspiciously and said "Harry are you trying to get me drunk?" everyone laughed and Harry just put his arm around my waist in response. "That sounds like an incredible new drinking game Hazza well done!" Lou shouted and took a large gulp of beer. We drank and laughed until the sun set and even though i was drunk i could still see the amazing view of the sun lowering below the London skyline. I was standing at the window holding myself up with the railing and then i found myself kissing Harry.  "ow! ow!" I heard Bryana yelp and i new it made everyone look and they all started cheering. We stopped and turned around to see Zayn and Bryana making out and i returned the favor. I stood there at the window in Harry's arms until the man finally stopped us and let us out. "Thanks!" I yelled over my shoulder as Harry pushed me along to the limo before he figured out i was drunk out of my tree. It was a perfect end to a perfect day, and i hoped there was many more. 

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