Live While We're Young

Ok so this is my first fanfic so I can't promise it will be any good. Please leave your comments and let me know what you think!

Sierra and Bryana are average 19 year old girls that live in Alberta Canada. They have been Directioners since they were 15 and they decided they want to travel the world, their first destination will be London England. They would have never guessed that meeting 2 members from the band would change their life so much.


4. Perfect!


We were sitting in Nando’s enjoying our last meal in Canada when my phone buzzed beside me. A text from Hazza: “Hey babe haven’t talked since this morning, what are you doing? x” I smiled at my phone screen, Bryana started making fun of me. “Sierra and Hazza sittin’ in a tree! k-i-s-s-i-n-g!” I looked up at her and said “Seriously boo. How old are we?!” “12.” she smiled happily and went back to eating. I laughed at her and texted Harry back “Hey hazz :) Me and Bryana are just at Nando’s before we go to the airport xx” send. I looked at Bryana who seemed to be enjoying the last bit of her food and i asked her “Hey has Zayn texted you since this morning?” She looked up, “Yeah actually we have kinda been talking on and off all day.” I winked at her while shoving some fries in my mouth and said with my mouthful of fries, “you go girl!” I said with my mouth full of fries. She giggled and went back to finishing her food. Text from Hazza: “hahah nandos! and why are you going to the airport love?” I sent back “We are actually moving to London.. I didn’t mention that when i was hammered last night?! haha” “hahaha no you didn’t but guess what love” he sent back. “oh haha well that’s kinda why we were at Pulse it was our last night in Canada! and what babe?” He sent “I live in London, this is so perfect. I wasn't looking forward to going back to London and leaving you here..” I looked at Bryana and said "Bryana he is so cute oh my god look what he just said to me!" she read the text and said   “ aaaww thats so cute when is the wedding?" Then i said with a giggle "He thinks i don’t know that he lives in London!” we both laughed about him not knowing we are Directioners. So i sent back “aww babe you're too cute! xx and i think i should tell you something, Me and Bryana are Directioners. We already know you live in London! hehe” We finished up our food, paid the bill and walked out into the parking lot. We got into Bryana’s car and drove to the airport. As we were in line to board Harry texted me back “hahah seriously?! you didn’t scream your face off when you saw me looking at you in Pulse!” I texted back “haha yeah I don’t know why but I’m boarding now so i’ll text you when we land in London bye babe xx” I turned my phone off when we got to our seats and waited to take off, to fly to our new life. 

*author's note* sorry this was a really short chapter i kinda had writers block and It will get a lot more exciting when they get to London trust me ;) 

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