Live While We're Young

Ok so this is my first fanfic so I can't promise it will be any good. Please leave your comments and let me know what you think!

Sierra and Bryana are average 19 year old girls that live in Alberta Canada. They have been Directioners since they were 15 and they decided they want to travel the world, their first destination will be London England. They would have never guessed that meeting 2 members from the band would change their life so much.


2. Crazy night

Pulse was unusually crowded that night, mostly girls. I looked at bryana and mouthed the words “what the fuck” because the music was so loud she wouldn’t be able to hear me anyway. She mouthed back “I dont know” so we pushed our way through the crowd with the pumping bass and lights flashing. We found our way to a small booth that was empy and a little bit away from the crowd and quickly occupied it. Our usual spot was taken by probably the only group of boys in the place. I glared at them but i knew they didn’t even know they had stolen our spot until one of them looked at me and we made eye contact. My scowl turned into a large smile when i realized i was looking into the eyes of the one and only Harry Styles. What the fuck, why was Harry fucking Styles in Calgary Alberta? I broke eye contact which i must say was very intense and almost sexual, to look at the boys sitting all around Harry. Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn all laughing and having a good time. Oh my god One Direction was in the same building as me. I realized Bryana was shaking my arm and yelling “Sierra! Sierra! What do you want!” and i snapped out of it, looking at Bryana then up at our beautiful waitress. She looked confused as i shook my head and tried to remember what we were doing here, getting drunk. So i quickly ordered my usual along with Bryana’s and told her i would pay. The woman walked away and my eyes snapped over to Bryana and i mouthed “One Direction is here.” She looked a little confused, obviously not understanding what i said so i pointed. I watched her gaze move onto Zayn and her eyes widen. Her mouth dropped open and i nodded “I know” she was starstruck. I slapped her arm and she looked at me, still awe in her eyes. I went close to her ear to make sure she heard me “This is the night we have been waiting for since we were 12. This is our night.” I said into her ear, a slight sexual undertone as she looked at me her eyes darkened, she said into my ear “This is going to be the best night of our lives.” we winked at each other and i glanced back over and just as i did, so did Harry. Our eyes met once more and he winked, ah, the flirt. I liked him already. I flashed him my flirty smile just as the waitress came back with our drinks, placing them in front of us. She followed my gaze and saw who i was looking at and went up to my ear, she said “Go for it girl.” and with a smile she walked away again. Bryana was sipping on her drink when i turned back around to face her “What did she say?” Bryana yelled so i could hear her, “She told me to go for it.” and i winked. Bryana said “oooh ow! ow!” and went back to sipping her drink. I grabbed mine and drank some, ah, this was perfect. Our last night here and it is all i could have ever imagined. Me and bryana were about 5 or 6 drinks in and laughing our asses off, we were obviously trashed and anyone who looked at us would know it too. I looked over at Harry trying to see straight because he was at the other side of the bar. I swear i just saw him whisper into Zayn’s ear… I slowly turned to Bryana who was smiling to herself about who knows what and said into her ear “Is Zayn looking at you?” She moved her gaze up and met Zayn’s. Sparks. Harry smiled triumphantly and talked into his ear again, then got up and started walking towards us. Girls on the dance floor were all over him trying to get him to dance with them but he pushed them all off, Still staring into my eyes. He came up to our booth and leaned against the wall, Zayn followed behind him and stood there smiling that perfect smile at Bryana. I slid closer to her to make room for Harry and he slid in beside me, Zayn sitting beside Bryana. His lips came close to my ear and i felt them as he spoke sending chills into my body with his touch. “You know, I couldn’t take my eyes off you all night.” This almost sent me into my fangirl mode and i almost screamed, but i controlled myself and thought about what i should say back to him. I smiled and put my lips up to his ear and his arm snaked around my waist “I noticed, you know I’m not that interesting” I said trying to sound very casual like i was talking to just some guy at the bar. We switched again as he was talking into my ear “Oh but you are.” he said in his sexy low voice. I took a moment to collect myself as i looked over at Bryana and Zayn who were in the same position talking into each other’s ears and giggling. yes. Zayn is her favorite and she must be on cloud nine, I’m not sure who my favorite is. Louis is obviously the hottest one, I’ve never seen another male specimen so beautiful in my entire life. But Harry, oh Harry there is just something about him that makes me want to say he is my favorite. So i turned back to Harry and flashed him the most innocent smile i could manage being as close as i am to his face. He laughed and looked deep into my eyes, trying to read my emotions. He must have liked what he read as he closed the gap between our lips moving in sync with mine. It was perfect. I’ve kissed plenty of boys in my day but this, this was different. Instant sparks as our tongues slowly touched. I pulled away, not knowing if i could contain myself any longer, I giggled and looked at the floor. Harry put his finger under my chin and lifted me up into his gaze, his perfectly green gaze. I never wanted to look away, i Never wanted this moment to end. Then i woke up. 

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