Live While We're Young

Ok so this is my first fanfic so I can't promise it will be any good. Please leave your comments and let me know what you think!

Sierra and Bryana are average 19 year old girls that live in Alberta Canada. They have been Directioners since they were 15 and they decided they want to travel the world, their first destination will be London England. They would have never guessed that meeting 2 members from the band would change their life so much.


1. Tickets to a new life


“Sierra! C’mon get up we have to go!” Bryana yelled from behind the half closed bathroom door. I made a loud whale-like noise and rolled over, “Why do we have to go so early?” I whined and she walked in with makeup only on one eye. She gave me her ‘are you fucking kidding me’ look and said “Sierra it’s noon.” I opened my eyes and by the amount of light pouring into the windows of our small apartment i could tell she was right, but i needed to make sure. I looked for my white iPhone and couldn’t see it so i dug around in the blankets for a while until I found it down by my legs. I clicked the home button and found that Bryana was in fact telling the truth, 12:09. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and put my feet down on the soft carpet, I walked over to the bathroom and started the shower. We didn’t care if the other one saw us naked we have been friends since the fourth grade and now we are graduated and living on our own. Bryana was finishing her makeup as she plugged in her iPhone and started playing Another World by One Direction. I was dancing around with Shampoo in my hair and screaming like a banshee to the words. Bryana was laughing so hard that she messed up her eyeliner and started yelling at me. I just giggled and finished up my shower. Still in my towel, I slid in beside Bryana and started my makeup. After about 10 minutes we were both done and we had to pick out our outfits for this special day. We were going to the airport to finally get our one way tickets to London, England. Yeah this may seem not very exciting to most people but we have been dreaming about this day since grade 10, Now it was finally here. I picked out a pair of royal blue skinny jeans and a white crop top with a long royal blue necklace and white toms. Bryana wore high-waisted jean shorts with a sweater that had all the boys signatures on it and black gladiator sandals. We both wore our hair down long and wavy, we worked hard to grow our hair this long and we loved to show it off. We grabbed our phones and purses and were out the door. 

We got into my Mini Cooper and drove towards the airport. Damn i am gonna miss this thing when i leave its cute, fast and i look hot in it. We pulled up to the airport with our music blasting and got out. We let out a few excited squeals and jumped up and down a little bit before going in. We walked up to the counter and the woman said “hello welcome to the Calgary airport how may i help you?” Bryana said “We would like to buy two tickets to London England please” with a grin on her face. The woman said “Okay will you be paying together or separately?” I said “Separately.” so the lady punched in only Bryana’s. Then she asked “Will this be round trip or one way?” We both looked at each other and smiled, “One way.” we both said at the same time and the lady smiled. After we had paid for our tickets we got back in the vehicle and screamed for about 5 minutes. Then i said “Well, our flight doesnt take off till tomorrow at 2 am… what are we going to do?” We already had our apartment packed up and all our luggage ready at the door. Bryana looked at me and gave me a cheeky grin. “Party.” is all she said I already knew, I took off squealing my tires and blasting musiuc in the direction of a night club we have gotten very fond of in the last year. I pulled up and smiled when I read out the flashing sign on the front of the building. “Pulse nightclub.” I said with a sigh, “I’m going to miss this place.” Bryana nodded her head then said at an unnecessary volume “Enough with the sad goodbye and LETS PARTY!” With that we hopped out of the car, changing into heels and walked in.

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