Smiley Faces

As requested by Krazeemee


1. Smiley Faces

Smiley Faces


Smiley faces are there for me

Whenever I'm feeling down.

They'll brighten me up I guarantee

Any sad face you pull or frown.


They're made to make you smile,

And are a great boost of confidence

They'll cheer you all the while

I'm just showing off their significance.


Admittedly they're yellow

Or so are the vast majority.

But their welcoming smile says hello

Without suppressing authority.


Name one thing that's wrong with a smile

Go on I bet you can't do it,

They'll make me happy for a mile

So go on it's not to late to admit.


You know you love them really

Everyone does deep inside

Thank goodness you don't get them wrinkly,

That would be a horrific surprise


So this is my poem for faces

You can see them for miles and miles

They are found in all different places

So next time, why don't you throw some smiles.


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