Don't Do This To Me....

Amy,Emily and Taylynn all get bullied at there school and they end up working together to stop it... I will update everyday if i get atleast 50 views on this I will make a part 2 with a co-author.


3. You Little Bitch... Emily

My name is Emily but all my friends call me Em,but then I moved to Florida. I started my school a month late so it was a bit awkward when I first got here,but then it was terrifying at times. I walked in on my first day and it was loud, everyone was talking. I looked for my locker, then I spotted my old best friend Amanda.She seen me to and ran over to me,she hugged me then showed me to my locker. We were talking about the times we spent together when we were little, then these to girls ran over to us. Amanda said "these are my friends Jessie and Ellie", I waved to them and they smiled. Amanda and her friends went to class, then some shorter girl bumped into me. She said her name was Taylynn, she asked me if I knew Amanda I told her "yea that's my old best friend". She asked me if I knew about Amanda bullying kids, I told her no.

Taylynn told me what Amanda did to her, but I didn't believe her Amanda wouldn't bully anyone I thought. The bell rang and I went to my class with Taylynn still right by my side talking to me about Amanda, after class I headed to my locker and Amanda was standing there. She asked me what I was doing with Taylynn, I told her nothing we were just talking. Amanda told me if I wanted to be her friend I couldn't talk to Taylynn, I told her she can't pick my friends. She got mad and pushed me against my locker so I pushed her back, then we got into this huge fight I pulled her hair and pulled her on the ground then got on top of her and I punched her. She pushed me off and started hitting me back, she said to me "You Little Bitch" then her posse broke us up.

She told me I shouldn't of did that and her and her posse walked away, I looked back and Taylynn was looking at me.I had a cut under my eye from when Amanda scratched me in the fight, I went to the bathroom to clean it when I seen Amanda there she started laughing at me when she seen the scratch. She left and I washed my cut fast then left, I had swim practice and I went to go change. When I was done I went to practice and everyone laughed at me for some reason, I didn't know why in till Taylynn came up to me and showed me her phone it was a picture of me changing from Amanda. I got so embarressed I ran out of the room, put my clothes on over my bathing suit and stayed in the bathroom in till school was over.

When I got home my dad asked me how my day was I told him it was good and he smiled I went upstairs to my room ,pulled out my laptop and checked my twitter Taylynn messaged me a link. I clicked it and it was a video of me, it had a fat chick with my head on it I was standing on the corner naked in the video. It was horrible, the next day at school I went up to Amanda and pushed her against the wall then I grabbed her by her hair into the bathroom. I pushed her into the stall and pushed her head down in a toilet that had pee in it, then I said to her "Now who's laughing you little bitch". I let go of her and she pulled her head up ,ran out of the bathroom crying. I walked out and everyone started laughing at her, I laughed to...

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