Don't Do This To Me....

Amy,Emily and Taylynn all get bullied at there school and they end up working together to stop it... I will update everyday if i get atleast 50 views on this I will make a part 2 with a co-author.


4. Sorry... Ashley

My name's Ashley, this is my first year here and I am a bystander. How? I watched Amanda bully Taylynn, Amy, and, Emily and I did nothing to stop her, they stopped coming to school and if I stood up maybe they would still be here and Amanda would be gone. I didn't want the bullying to get put on me, I just wanted everything to go away and when I say "everything" I mean EVERYTHING. I wanted to do something and I still do, so I walked up to Amanda and said to her "You little freak, you made Emily go home yesterday for no reason she did noting to hurt you and if you ever try bullying me I will stand up for myself hurt you and tell a teacher do you understand what you did?" She just looked at me, sighed, and nodded then she just walked away, I was proud of my self for sticking up for Emily. But I still wanted the girls to come back to school

So I did do something, I went up to Taylynn's house. When I got there I rang the door then Taylynn answered I asked her if I could come in , so she led me in to her room. "I'm so sorry for sitting there and letting Amanda be such a bitch to you I should have did something, but she didn't just bully you Taylynn she also bullied these other girls and I didn't stick up for them either." I told her. She just looked at me and said "Why are you telling me this I'm not mad" so I told her what Amanda did and that her and the other girls should come back. She just told me she'll think about it, then I left and went to my car.

Next I drove to Amy's and told her basically the same, she said she would come back to school tomorrow. I was actually super happy she was coming back then Amanda will learn being a bitch won't drive them away forever. Last but not least I got Emily to come back to which made me happier, when I got home I couldn't wait to see what will happen tomorrow. I got 2 yes's out of 3 maybe even three, hopefully Taylynn comes through like the others.

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