Don't Do This To Me....

Amy,Emily and Taylynn all get bullied at there school and they end up working together to stop it... I will update everyday if i get atleast 50 views on this I will make a part 2 with a co-author.


2. Not Me... Amy

Hi I'm Amy,I'm Really short ,I have long black hair,I have glasses, and you can say I'm a geek but not like ugly Betty geeky I'm just smart and everything. I just started school last week, I'm a freshmen in high school.There's this girl here named Amanda she's a bully and she picked me as her victim. I walked into school today wearing black skinny jeans,a Joe Boxer T-shirt, and some Black vans. It was quiet and no one was here yet so I went straight to my locker,I put my book bag in there and grabbed my English stuff. When I shut it Amanda was there, she looked me from head to toe and said "Your perfect since my victim Taylynn isn't here you'll be my next victim" . I sighed and told her to leave me alone but that just annoyed her, she opened the empty biggest locker at the school and shoved me inside. I was stuck and couldn't get out because she locked it, I was closterphobic so I panicked. Screaming at the top of my lungs saying "Someone help get me out of here please help me I'm trapped" but no one could here me. I started freaking I out, yelling and kicking the door with tears strolling down my face.

Someone finally heard me I thought, but it was just Amanda opening the door and telling me to shut up. I told her why trap me I did nothing to you I'm not Taylynn I'm Amy that's not me and I asked her to let me go,she just smiled and said "NO!!". She yanked me by my arm and pushed me against the lockers,as one of the lock was jabbing into my back I felt a big fear of her after that.After that she laughed and told her posse to hold me against the locker,then Amanda punched me in my face and told me that was for talking back. Her and her posse left laughing down the hall,I felt my cheek swelling up after she hit me I wanted to hit her back if it wasn't for her stupid posse.At lunch I seen her with a evil smirk on her face, then she got up came towards me and bumped my tray all over me.Then she said "Oops Sorry" , I stormed out and went to my locker to get my gym clothes.I changed into huge sweats and a Grey tank top, I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror at my red cheek and puffy eyes.

When I walked out Amanda was staring at me laughing,and she kept calling me a "Wet Bitch" as in I smelled like a wet dog. Everyone kept calling me that, and "Spunky" , I was getting so mad I just wanted to cry I had no Friends at all. As we were leaving Amanda pushed me in a puddle and dumped sewer water on me from the Bucket that held the doors open. I ran to my car soaked and I started driving home,then Amanda hurried up and scraped my car with this razor blade thing while driving away.My mom was going to kill me, this was her brand new car and it's ruined.When I got home I told my mom that when I left school it was already on there,I got grounded and she drove me to school and picked me up everyday for a week but everyday at school Amanda would hurt me worse and worse than the day before...

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