Don't Do This To Me....

Amy,Emily and Taylynn all get bullied at there school and they end up working together to stop it... I will update everyday if i get atleast 50 views on this I will make a part 2 with a co-author.


1. Why me... Taylynn

My names Taylynn it was my first year in high school I didn't know anyone I was a small girl with blonde hair,blue eyes and a scab under my eye, and I was wearing blue skinny jeans with a orange shirt that said shut up and talk They're was one person there I knew,it was a girls I got in a fight with 3 yrs ago.So she didn't like me, she was a pretty popular girl now. When she seen me she yelled to me "aw look at miss bandages, ewe" that didn't bother me I just ignored her and kept walking in till,she came over to me and said "I know you heard me you little bitch,what are you gonna do cry again...Baby?" and she pushed me hard against the wall then walked away.It hurt so bad my arm started bleeding from a nail in the wall sticking out, her little posse laughed and followed her.I sat they're on the ground holding my long deep cut trying to stop the blood,I stayed they're for a hour.

Then some girl seen me and came over to me,she asked me what happened.I just made up a lie and told her "I was walking backwards and ran into a wall.". She ran to the girls bathroom and grabbed a wash cloth for me,I told her "thank you" and she said "no problem" and she took me to the nurse.I told the nurse the same story I told the girl,the nurse checked me out and told me I would need stitches so she called my mom and my mom picked me up.I got stitches and told my mom the fake story of what happened, I didn't want to tell anyone what happened I was to afraid.The next day I went to school with stitches but they were covered with a bandage,Then Amber (the bully) came over to me and said "what you do now twerp cut yourself with safety scissors" I said no and ran to my class.

The girl who helped me the day before seen me and jogged towards me,she asked me my name and I told her it was Taylnn then she told me her's was Jennifer and to call her Jen or Jenny.She asked if she could call me Tay so I told her sure,I was happy this could be my first friend here. Me and Jenny hung out that whole day but then she left early, I went to my locker then I seen Amber taping up pictures of me 3 yrs ago.I was hideous I had a mustache, circled glasses,pimples all over my face, and braces. When everyone seen them they all laughed at me and called me "Pizza Face" it was so embarressing. I felt defeated and that's when she came over and said "hey pizza face all this is just the beginning your life will be a living hell when I'm done with you bye,Bitch"

I ran into the bathroom and cried,while I was in there Amber was telling everyone I was stuffing my bra and taking my lice bugs out.When I was done I came out and People yelled "Bra Stuffer,Lice Baby" ,I was confused about that in till Amanda came over and said "aw you crying yet Lice baby, o yea what else did I say you were doing , isn't that right Bra Stuffer". That's when I realized she started that rumor and I had no one there for me, I had no friends here only enimies.Amber was capable of a lot more I knew she would be but I didn't know what I would do.There were still 2 hrs left of school I didn't want to go to class, so I ran to the bathroom and cried for the rest of the day.Then I went home,my mom hugged me and asked me how was school.I put a big smile on my face and told her it was the best day ever, she laughed and said "is that right, why don't you tell me about it over lunch"

Me and my mom went out to eat, I told I made tons of friends and she just smiled.When we went home I went straight to my room and fell asleep,I was hoping everything was all a dream but I knew it was reality.I was hoping Jenny would be at school the full day, I couldn't handle this alone again.Knowing that it would be way worse then yesterday,when I woke up I jumped in the shower and sat in there for an hour crying everything I could out so I wouldn't cry at school.I got out and put on some red skinny jeans with a dark red tank top and red converse's, I drove to school and when I got they're everyone called me "Bra Stuffer,Pizza Face, and Lice Baby" I was already sad but I could handle it.I seen Jenny walk in and I walked over to her, but she was avoiding me. I wondered why but I didn't know, then I walked into the bathroom and on the walls were written in red marker "Taylynn go die you dumb bitch" "Taylynn kill yourself you ruin our lives when your here" "what's the point to live when everyone hates you" . I couldn't handle this so I ran to my car and drove  home,I did what I was told I grabbed a hand full of pills and swallowed them.

When my mom came home she walked into the bathroom and seen me passed out,she called the ambulance.They took me to the hospital and did everything to bring me back to life. I lived and didn't go to school for a week but when I did.......

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