The Final Tear

Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.


1. The Final Tear

I was in love

Back in the day

And I was stupid

As is everything I say.

You're in my head

And the path is clear

As I shed

the final tear.


I always saw

Your brighter side

You were happy and joyful

And full of pride

As I lie in bed

And recall last year

As I shed 

The final tear


You were my first love

My one true person

The one I'd rely on

When things began to worsen

I thought we'd be wed

But I had my fear

As I shed 

The final tear


It's all over now

There's no going back

It's too late for sorry's 

You gave me the sack

'Take me back' I said

Did you even hear?

As I shed

The final tear


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