life of amy and ala

this is a story of my life so far and how it all started and why my life is misrible although i hide my saddnes ...


2. 2


a few months later amy was 5 and her problems were getting worse because reece had made a lot of friends who joined in with the horrible comments. amy still wouldnt tell anyone because she couldnt trust anyone, not even her parents. the comments got worse and worse until, in year 3 now a new girl was joining. but things were just like amys passt she joined and was then made fun of because she could talk no english at all but she knew they were mean because although she couldnt speak english she understood every word. soon enough amy and the new girl Ala were shareing the bathrooms to cry in. but they soon began to stop crying and smile to each other. after 2 months amy and ala were practacly best friends, amy had started to teach ala how to speak english amy was being taught how to talk polish by ala. although they were still both being called names as before they still were just able to smile at each other.  
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