life of amy and ala

this is a story of my life so far and how it all started and why my life is misrible although i hide my saddnes ...


1. 1

once there was a couple who had a little girl, and they named her amy. she was a pleasnt young girl until, her mother was pregnant again and they had a little boy, whom they called jamie. ever since jamie was born amy has never been good and kind to anyone really  but that comes into the story more later. amy is now 4 and jamie is now 1. it was amys first real day of big school and she was so exited she made some good friends and some bad enimeis. she went home that day and said to her parents that she had a wounderful day, but in truth she was lieing she had a terrible day and she didnt want to tell anyone about it. the next day amy didnt want to go back she didnt like it. once she had got there Reece was there again to say more mean things about the way she looked. amy couldnt take any more she ran to the bathrooms at break and she wouldnt come out till break had finished, and she kept doing this until her one of the teachers realised she wasnt there. when they found her in the bathrooms she was crying and crying tears down her 'ugly' face. the teacher asked amy what was wrong but amy would say a word she just kept crying.



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