The Beautiful Cupid


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Harry Styles could’ve had it all. If anything, he had it all. There were perks of being a member of the UK’s biggest boy band, and he was aware of them. He knew how to please fans; he knew how to handle all the attention; he knew how to have fun as one of the country’s hottest heartthrob. It was as if he knew it all, until he came across someone who didn’t particularly like his popularity.

“You need to snap out of it, mate,” He heard someone say, clearing his thoughts. Whipping his head around to look at where the cheery voice came from, he found a witty blonde laying on the couch, who was no other than Niall Horan. “You know she made it clear that she’s not very fond of your fans… Or your popularity… Or your schedule…” With his friend’s teasing, Harry’s eyebrows immediately knitted, as the blonde continued, “Or you, really.”

“The hell is your point?” Harry snapped, getting up from his own chair. Until that point, he regretted telling Niall about his encounter with a certain someone. How could’ve he had known the girl was too difficult for a catch? Heck, how could’ve he had guessed that there existed a girl who didn’t find him attractive?

Niall let out a carefree chuckle, getting up from the couch himself. “What’s so special about Chloe? Just when I thought you were the master when it comes to women…”

“I am, alright,” Harry snorted, rolling his eyes. “She just doesn’t know me yet. It’d be much easier if we had a mutual friend or some sort, but no, we don’t.”

Shaking his head lightly, Niall then casually grabbed his Macbook, opening Safari. “Well, if you were a smart lad like me you would’ve thought of making a background check first,” he teased, giving Harry a cheeky wink. 

“What? You’re not going to cyber stalk her are you?” Harry asked, demanding a quick answer.

Niall, however, just ignored him, while mumbling a few words. “Chloe… London based… Friends with some blonde who’s obsessed with us…”

Harry sighed, covering his head with his palms. He was never like this. He had only seen Chloe once, at one of their shows, and it was pure luck that he even managed to get her name. One thing he knew for sure, she wasn’t a fan of One Direction. She quite disliked them, in fact, but ended up going to their gig due to her friend’s force.

“Found her!” Niall shouted, before turning the laptop screen facing Harry’s glistening blue-green eyes.

Chloe Adlington. 


Chloe Adlington found her small encounter with One Direction surreal. She hadn’t expected that day, where Rebecca practically dragged her to their gig, to end up with Harry Styles asking for her name. Yes, Harry Freaking Styles.

She decided she wasn’t going to act like an obsessive fan that would just push him away and ended up coming off like a total introvert. She wasn’t one, though. In fact, she was one of the most popular girls in school, whom all boys adore and whose looks are envied by the girls. So it wasn’t much of a surprise that even one of the UK’s biggest boyband member landed his eyes on her.

Still, she regretted playing too hard to get. She didn’t know what came to her, and most importantly, she didn’t know why she was deep into her thoughts as she played with the tips of her blonde hair, when she should be helping her lab partner disect a frog. Right, what was her name again?

“Ugh.” Chloe finally let out, rubbing her temples. She had to set her mind off One Direction but before she knew it, she turned to face her lab partner, her chin placed on her palm.

“Hey Scarlett, what do you think of One Direction?”


Scarlett. Scarlett. Did Chloe Adlington just call her Scarlett?

“The name is Skylar, actually. Skylar Gibson.” Skylar sheepishly retorted, running her fingers through her long dark locks. Her cold reply certainly shocked Chloe a little, as she then tensed a little bit before twirling her manicured finger around her blonde hair again.

“Right, Skylar. Sorry, it’s just we haven’t really talked since you came and,” 

“True, but I’ve been your lab partner for a year now,” Skylar interrupted, a grin on her face. “It’s not a big deal really, I don’t expect people to know my name.” she continued, meaning every word she said.

Unlike Chloe, she was far from being close to well-known at school. She did receive boys’ attention thanks to her long legs and eyelashes, but she never strived to be a popular girl to begin with.

That’s why she was rather shocked when Chloe Adlington greeted her out of the blue, even if the topic revolved around a boy band.

“Well, sorry again.” Chloe fumbled, “but anyways, back to my question, what do you think of One Direction?”

Skylar chuckled, startled by how eager Chloe wanted her to answer. Scribbling a few notes on her paper, she then shrugged, “They’re pretty fit if you ask me.”

“I know right!” Chloe snapped her fingers. Skylar looked up to examine her face and see whether she was one of their obsessed fans or not, but Chloe was covering her mouth, looking as though she was holding in giggles.

Raising her eyebrows nonchalantly, Skylar focused back on her work. Now that Chloe had asked her the question, pictures of the boyband began appearing in her mind. And as she had said before, they were indeed really goodlooking.

Her thoughts were then disturbed as Chloe gave her elbow a nudge, before shyly whispering, “Who’s your favourite?”
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