Cool authors with no fans

I've seen a few books about cool authors, things you should check out, stuff like that. There is a book called Highlighted authors which is really good, but it's mostly has popular authors.
There's loads of movellas out there, but not every book can be read by lots of people. Say you are brand new to movellas and you have started to write an amazing book, but no one knows you and no one looks at your movella. I had the same problem.
I will try my best to fill this book with new and exciting authors.
If you would like to nominate someone please do, put it in the comments, also don't be afraid to ask me to check out your movellas! ;)


2. Dinakar

Dinakar is a really good author. He was nominated and so I searched him and he is amazing. He has lots of amazing poems that you should really check out, good poem writing should never go unoticed as I am terrible at it. Dinakar already has 20 fans which is much more than me, anyway he is an amazing author and more people should know about him.
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