You're Perfect.

Ugly? Imperfect? Useless? Unimportant? Boring? Invisible? Yeah, that's what Jordan thinks of herself. Crushing on one of the popular guys, knowing that she'll never have a chance. But will she? Now that they know everything and have been through so much together, will this change this? Did things even need changing in the first place?
Everything happens for a reason!


27. Until The Day I Die.

Noah's P.O.V

Jordan squeezed my hand. I know none of this is my fault, but this feeling inside of me. I just feel so guilty. I don't know..

 "Jordan," I said quietly. She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes. Eyes that have seen so much pain, she deserves so much better than she has!

"I-" I started. Doctors came from every direction and started wheeling her bed away. "Where's she going?!" I asked, getting nervous.

"She going to have surgery on her broken rib," a nurse informed me. Oh yes, of course, her rib.

"Jordan I-" I cried out, then in a blink of an eye, she was out of the room. "Love you," I sighed under my breath.

I sat down on the blue chairs in the waiting room.

Twice now I had tried to tell her I loved her. In the coffee shop and as she was lying in the hospital bed. I always have but, but, eurgh. She's so innocent, she's been through shit and deserves someone to love her and care for her. And now she's going into surgery. What if she doesn't make it?! What if something goes wrong?! Bad thoughts started running around in the head. I didn't even say goodbye, I didn't even have the chance to tell her I love her.

If she does make it, I swear, I'm going to look after her, and not let ANYTHING happen to her, until the day I die!

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