You're Perfect.

Ugly? Imperfect? Useless? Unimportant? Boring? Invisible? Yeah, that's what Jordan thinks of herself. Crushing on one of the popular guys, knowing that she'll never have a chance. But will she? Now that they know everything and have been through so much together, will this change this? Did things even need changing in the first place?
Everything happens for a reason!


21. Jordan!

Noah's P.O.V

That was amazing. Even though it was in the back seat of my car. It couldn't have gone any further then and there but maybe, one day. 

I sipped my iced coke. The cold flowed down my body making me shake. 

I walked back to the beach putting the rest of my money back in the car and headed to the spot we were but Jordan wasn't there. I started to worry. I scanned the beach but I couldn't see her. She's probably just gone to the toilet or something. But no, she knows I worry, she would have told me, surely. I started to get really scared. I ran over to the restaurant asking people if they'd seen her. No one had. Oh God.

Suddenly I heard a chilling scream.



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