You're Perfect.

Ugly? Imperfect? Useless? Unimportant? Boring? Invisible? Yeah, that's what Jordan thinks of herself. Crushing on one of the popular guys, knowing that she'll never have a chance. But will she? Now that they know everything and have been through so much together, will this change this? Did things even need changing in the first place?
Everything happens for a reason!


18. Bliss.

Noah's P.O.V

Last night I made a fire in the middle of the park to surprise Jordan. I think she liked it. We sat there for an hour or two roasting marshmallows and talking. She's still quite shy so she would hardly ever make contact with me, but I kept my eyes on hers. She had the most beautiful eyes you'd ever see! Her lips were a gorgeous peach colour. I couldn't keep my eyes off her, she's beautiful! Just seeing her smile makes me so happy and warm inside. I guess this is what love feels like. I still couldn't tell her, I just have to wait for the right time.

After we put the fire out, we were walking around the park. I tangled my fingers in hers. It sent tingles through my arm and down my body. After a bit, I stopped her. She looked confused. I took her hand and kissed her. Half way through the kiss, I could feel her smiling. It made me smile too.

She's amazing.

Jordan's P.O.V

Noah stayed the night last night. He practically lives here now. Put don't worry, we're in seperate beds haha.

I woke up to a warm hand on my stomach and another hand on my forhead pushing stray hair from my face.

"Wake up, Jordan, wake up," 

A soft gentle voice rang through my ears. I fluttered my eyelashes and sat up.

"Morning beautiful!" Noah smiled his adorable smile. "C'mon, out of bed and get changed sweetheart!" He leaned in and kissed my forehead. I gladly got out of bed and put on jeans and a floral top. Suddenly a head popped through my doorway,

"Oh, and put on a swim suit," Noah told me, then disappeared. Eurghh, now I have to undress again. Great. I undressed, put on a red bikini and put on some shorts this time. Easier to undress if I'm going to need a bikini. 

I skipped downstairs, putting my hair in a messy bun and found Noah sitting on the sofa. As soon as he saw me, he jumped and and grabbed my hand. He pulled me through the door and into his car. He locked the door, joined me and drove off.

"Noah, where are we going?" I asked curiously.

"Surprise!" He said winking.

"Oh no, more surprises," I groaned jokingly.

"Shut up you!" He laughed nudging my shoulder. I laughed with him. He turned on the radio and Our Time Now by Plain White T's came on. I started singing along and Noah started chuckling.

"Don't laugh!" I said, which only made him laugh louder. After about 45 minutes, I saw the sea in the distance. Then after another ten minutes, we pulled up to a beach.

"Oh my lord," I gasped laughing.

"Come on!" Noah helped me out of the car and we started walking to the beach. We both sat down and started talking, running our fingers through the soft sand.

"I'm just going to get something to eat, I'm starving!" Noah proclaimed.

"Me too, can you get me something please love?" I asked smiling.

"Maybeeeee...?" Noah joked. I giggled and put in my head phones. I lay down on the sand, closed my eyes and listening to Coldplay.


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