You're Perfect.

Ugly? Imperfect? Useless? Unimportant? Boring? Invisible? Yeah, that's what Jordan thinks of herself. Crushing on one of the popular guys, knowing that she'll never have a chance. But will she? Now that they know everything and have been through so much together, will this change this? Did things even need changing in the first place?
Everything happens for a reason!


16. Am I In Heaven?

I arrived home and got inside. I was hungry. Mmm, food..

After I finished stuffing my face, I had a quick shower and put my hair up in a special way that curls my hair when it dries. It was only four so I will probably dry by six. This time I put on a bit extra make-up. Smokey brown eyeshadow and  nude colour lipstick. Eyeliner and mascara. I kept on the same clothes, because to be honest, I pretty like what I'm wearing.

I better get on with my homework, yep. You heard right, HOMEWORK. I know, I know, what horrible thing would give us homework in the summer holidays?! My bitch of a school, that's who!! Eurghhhh.

Before I knew it, it was half five. I let my hair out of the up-do and let the curls fall. I ran my fingers through them. There. Better go. I left the house, it was already quite dark.

As I got nearer the park, I could smell smoke. I then saw Noah sitting outside the park gates smiling at me. I stopped and laughed, realising it was him wasn't it.. He laughed with me and took my hand, there was a blazing fire, smack in the middle of the park. Oh my. We sat down by the fire and roasted marshmallows on twigs.

"Are you sure you're allowed to have a fire here in the middle of the park?" I asked with a mouthful of marshmallows.

"Nope!" He stuck out his tongue. We both burst out laughing. Luckily, nobody told the police or reported us or anything so we were fine. About two hours later we put out the fire and walked, hand in hand, through the park. Noah suddenly stopped walking. He took my other hand so we were facing eachother and he looked into my eyes. Now, when I look into his eyes, my heart starts racing and tingles go through my whole body. Then he leaned in at kissed me. His lips were so soft and warm, it felt amazing.  The whole time he never let go of my hands. When he did, he wrapped his arms around my waste and pulled me closer.

Am I in heaven?

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