The Blue-Sky Project

Skye is a 17 year old girl with a crazy scientist father and one day, when he's working deep in the Pacific on a cure for cancer, she gets an SOS call from him.
She discovers her father was really working on a supernatural essence and she must do anything to protect it. Swallowing the essence protects it, but does that mean she is no longer protected? And who are these men determined to collect what she doesnt know she has?


1. The Essence

I run my hands through my hair in frustration, thinking over my choice as the footsteps came nearer and nearer. It wasn’t fair, none of this was fair! But then again, nothing ever seems fair. I picked up the vial and with a last fleeting look at the boy lying unconscious under the desk-his dark hair glowing with the power I was so close to now, I squeezed my eyes shut and threw the brightly coloured liquid to the back of my throat.

As soon as it was down, my eyes started to burn and my body tingled in a horrible itchy way. The door to the lab was blown open and my face burned with the brightness of the explosion. I chucked the empty vial at the big black combat boots emerging from the smoke and grinned at the angry faces storming towards me as my vision spotted and the ground seemed to collapse beneath my feet, though I knew it was only the essence.

“Better luck next time.” I managed to keep my voice suitably nasty, even as I fell heavily to the floor- everything going black.

My eyes opened groggily and I shook my head, trying to get rid of the throbbing at the back of my skull.

“She’s awake.” A gruff voice stated behind me and a gun clicked. A short, sharp laugh echoed around the room I was locked in, a sort of safe room I presumed.

“You really think bullets would kill her?” I recognised the next voice, and turned slowly to see who it was.

“You? It’s…you?” I managed croakily, staring at the boy from the lab. He was tall and well built with raven hair, and bright green eyes that sparkled with amusement. He gave me a crooked smile before turning back to the guard who had readied his gun, cocking one dark eyebrow.

“No, but it would really hurt.” The guard grinned nastily showing a row of grotesque yellow teeth.

The boy’s eyebrows dropped down into a heavy frown and he jumped up, his hands glowing.

“You touch her and I promise you, I will kill you in the most horrific way I can think up. And believe me; I have a very vivid imagination.” He growled, and I noticed that he must be at least a year older than me.

The guard grunted and turned his back to our ‘cage’, and the boy sat down seemingly satisfied. His hands still glowed in anger and he blew on them, causing sparks to fly towards me. He grinned mischievously as the glowing faded and stuck out a hand.

“Blue.” He raised his eyebrows, seeing me staring suspiciously at his extended hand. 

“Oh!” I took his hand hesitant, surprised at how cold it was considering it had been glowing red hot only a moment ago.

“And you are?” He winked “I’d like to know who I’m talking to?”

“Oh! I…I’m Luna! What’s your name?” I stammered, finally letting go of his hand.

“Blue.” He cocked an eyebrow at me, an amused twist at his lips.

“Oh, right, yeah- of course. Sorry, I didn’t, it wasn’t…Sorry.” I blushed and looked down at my hands.

Blue chuckled “It’s not my real name, just my middle one. I use it because I don’t want these monsters,” He jabbed a finger toward the guard “knowing my real name.”

I smiled, relieved. “What is your real name?”

Blue put a finger to his lips “Shhhhh!”

“What is your real name?” I whispered, leaning slightly closer.

He held his arm out, closing his eyes and whispering nonsense words. I instinctively leant back; worried he might burn my hair off. Slowly, four letters materialised on his arm…disappearing almost as quickly as it had appeared! His eyes widened at me in question and I nodded at him, showing him I understood.

I put the letters together in my head, letting them swirl around for a bit. Finn. Finn... I smiled to myself, and looked at him intently for a second before deciding that there was no point in hiding my name- he obviously is on my side. 
"Luna's my middle name too." I whisper.
"I know." he doesn't look and me and I narrow my eyes.
"So you know my real name?" 
I feel my nostrils flare as I grit my teeth. 
"Why didn't you say anything?" I challenge, my voice raising from a whisper to a hiss.
"To reveal someone's secrets is not only pointless but it's smug and unnecessary as an action. And I knew you would tell me in time anyway, when I earned your trust." 
I scowled and folded my arms across my chest, staring ahead crossly. I knew he was right, but I certainly did not have to admit it! 
After a few moments silence, Finn shuffled closer to me. 
"Why did you come to the lab?" 
I looked at him in surprise and bit my lip thoughtfully, remembering how I had gotten into this mess. 

"Professor? Professor! DAD!!" I yelled across the half empty hallway, almost sprinting to catch up with my Father. 
"What do you want, Skye?" Dad turned to face me wearily, clutching his worn brown leather briefcase to his chest as he searched it for the keys to his lab/form classroom. 
"Please, can we just consider it a bit more?" I pleaded. 
"I've given you THREE WEEKS, Skye!" He found his keys and after unlocking his classroom, invited me in. 
"But this isn't what I'm wearing to Prom, or what cereal I'm going to have, Dad! It's you being away for two months while you research some pointless sea creature!" 
My Father pinched the bridge of his nose and collapsed into his plush leather wheelie chair he kept at his desk. 
"Skye. You know this is important. You also know that THIS could be a break in medicinal science! This anemone's venom could cure cancer! They need me there."
"And I need you here!! And family comes first, Dad! Mum always said that!"
Dad's eyes softened and he took my hand. 
"Honey, I'll be back before you know it- okay?" He kissed my palm, the way he used to when I was a kid "And you have Jemima to look Out for you!" Jemima was our live-in maid, and she served as a mother figure for me- especially since my Dad was such a scatterbrain and even forgot I was there sometimes! 
I half smiled, and pulled my hand back as the bell rang. 
"Okay, Dad. But come home for dinner tonight, 'kay? I'll cook Mums lasagne for your goodbye tea." I headed for the door, and my next class.
"Mmmm! My favourite, sweetie!" he winked at me quickly as all his students began filing in, filling the classroom with noise and bodies. 

The next morning he left for a small man made island in the pacific, to collect poor unsuspecting sea anemones and use their venom to, hopefully, cure cancer. 
But one night, at about 1am- my phone rang and when I picked up my Father was at the other end of the line. 
"Help...Me...Skye...Trust Only Whale. I'm so sorry..." the line cut off. 
I sat up in bed so fast my head clicked painfully but I didn't notice- and I quickly packed a bag and ordered one of Dads private jets- we were rich by one of Dads previous breakthroughs but Dad refused to give up teaching and was always looking for cures.
Leaving Jemima a note and heading out to the private runway- I thought about Dads message. Who's Whale? What's happened? Am I being naive just running out here like this? 
I shook my hair out of its loose plait and quickly tied it in a bun instead. 
The flight was long and boring but when we finally arrived the whole island was burnt. But not accidental burnt, more like someone had tried to burn it down. 

I shuddered as I noticed a shrivelled hand poking out from underneath the blackened rubble and prayed that it wasn’t my Dad.

The plane made a choking noise as it turned around, ready to take off again. I swallowed nervously, and closed my eyes- trying to find strength. Suddenly, a flash of blue darted around a corner- and I almost tripped over myself as I started to chase it.

Sprinting around a corner, I had to skid to a stop as I came face to face with…a boy.

“Your Father is not dead. You need to drink the liquid.”

Even bent over, the boy was nearly as tall as me- and when I looked down, I saw he was clutching his side.

“What happened?” I breathed, feeling unnerved by his giant glistening green eyes.

“Attack, two alive, thirty dead.” He moved his hand and I saw that his side was bleeding.

“Were you…shot?” I stuttered, shocked. “Why would anyone want to stop a cure for cancer?”

“Not cure for cancer…supernatural…” His eyes rolled and he collapsed to the floor, unconscious.

I clenched my fists in frustration, but somehow managed to pick the boy up and headed for the only place intact.

As I neared the building, I saw it had an entrance key. Putting my hand on the DNA sensitive pad, the doors slid open. My Dad must’ve programmed it to my DNA, I thought, as I stepped cautiously into what appeared to be a lab.

“Mmmggnnn!” A muffled scream echoed around the room and I saw my Father tied to a metal table welded to the floor.

“Dad, is that you?!” I placed the boy under a desk and ran over to my father, quickly undoing the gag and ropes.

“I’m sorry, darling. So sorry, I lied to you. Those vials on the table, they’re supernatural essences- not a cure for cancer.”

“What?” I stepped back, and he walked to the vials- mixing them together.

“Sweetie. This place is under siege, and I need you to keep this safe, okay? Do whatever it takes. I love you.”

“Why do you sound like you’re saying goodbye, Dad? Dad? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Skye, they will kill me. I know the formula, so I cannot live.” He cupped my face with his hands “Codeword: Blue Sky.”

“What? Dad, what are you saying?”

A single shot rang through the room, and he fell to the floor- a blank expression on his face.

“DAD! No, please, Dad- GET UP! No!” I screamed, dropping to my knees, and cradling his head in my arms. What was happening? Why was my Father lying dead in my arms? Tears rolled down my cheeks and I wiped them off, only barely noticing the blood on my hands.

I looked up at the vent where the shot had come from and saw black combat boots marching overhead.

I quickly ran to the table, hearing the footsteps coming closer.


“Are you okay?” Finn’s voice woke me from the flashback.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Or I will be, anyway.” I wiped the tears from my eyes, and pulled my knees up to my chin.

“I’m sorry about your Father.” Finn mumbled, looking down.

I closed my eyes, remembering his last words- trying to engrave them into my mind.

Our cell door clicked open and Finn and I slowly got to our feet.

“Right, Kiddies,” The guard grinned evilly, and clicked his teeth- pointing his gun at us “Time to go.”

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