Alli had been stolen, yet again, by Mike (her father). She was taken away from the only person she'd ever loved. Liam. What will him, and the other guys, do to get her back? How much are they willing to risk to save her? Sequel to Stolen


24. Tour Time

* Allison's POV

     Liam went into the kitchen to take the call and I went back to the living area for a rematch at twister. Louis and I got ready and Harry was spinning. I was doing pretty good until Liam came back with a very perplexed expression on his face.

     I got up and shoved Louis over. He looked aghast and gave me a playful shove. I gave him the death-stare playfully and turned around walking over to Liam.

     "Babe, what's wrong?" I asked concerned.

     I could see the emotions literally fighting across his face. He was very happy, but at the same time, a little disapointed. It actually looked really painful for him. I gave a him a small smile.

     "Tell me what happened," I said a little more sternly.

     "We're going back on tour," he said, still very confused.

     I gasped and stepped back. I turned around and everyone was shocked and highly confused.

     "Paul said he wanted to promote our album again in the US. We're leaving for California tomorrow," Liam said.

     "What about me? Where will I go? Do I have to stay here?" I asked frantically wanting more than anything to go with him.

    Liam smiled and looked a lot more relaxed. He sighed and grabbed my hands and pulled me closer. I looked and him, more confused than before.

     "You're coming with us!" he said almost breathless, I could tell he was excited.

     I smiled really, really big and jumped into his arms, picking my feet off the ground. Liam spun me around and everyone else dogpiled on top of us in happiness. I don't know what would've happened if I couldn't come.

     I wiggled out of the pile of boys and grabbed Liam's hand dragging him out. I pulled him upstairs and to our room. It was time to pack.


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