Alli had been stolen, yet again, by Mike (her father). She was taken away from the only person she'd ever loved. Liam. What will him, and the other guys, do to get her back? How much are they willing to risk to save her? Sequel to Stolen


44. The Meeting

* A/N Hello to all the lovely people reading this, I just want to thank you (again) because, well, you know why! And that I am deeply sorry that I didn't post yesterday even though I said I would so here a a FEW more chappies! Notice that I said a few, not just one ;)

* Hailey's POV

     The old wooden door squeaks as it opens. My mother steps into the small office room, followed by my brother. I take a deep breath and mentally prepare myself before stepping in. My mouth drops to the floor in shock.

     Sitting there is probably the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Her long hair cascading down her back, her skinny but strong built body, her perfectly sculpted face without any blemishs. I will admit, I was jealous, but nothing could have prepared me for what came next. As I stepped further into the room, I noticed who she was sitting next to. Liam Payne. Liam Freaking Payne!

     Alli stood up and I noticed she was crying. She hugged my mom, who started crying too. She gave her a watery smile and moved over to Tyson. She picked him up and held him but I don't think he understood what was going on. Either way, he loved the attention. Then it was me. For a moment we stood there, staring at eachother, and then I broke down and we grasped onto eachother.

     As soon as that was over, we all sat down and got to buisness. Mr. Shwelter intorduced himself to us and went through a whole introduction thing that was very long and very boring. The only person paying attention was my mom.

     After an hour, we got into the interesting stuff. What we would inherit. The Mr. and Mrs. Meyers didn't have a house or a car so there were no bills to pay therfore every last penny from the bank was going to be transfered to my family and Allison. That was pretty much everything because they didn't have a house or a car so nobody could inherit either of those things.

     After another twenty minutes, the meeting was over, we shook hands with Mr. Shwelter, and he left us to "catch up".

     "You're Liam Payne," I said dreamily, but still in utter shock.

     "I know," he laughed slightly as I felt my face get hot.

     "But, what are you doing here?" I asked eagerly.

     "I'm Alli's boyfriend," he smiled proudly ans slipped an arm over her shoulder.


      She nodded, taken aback. I blinked rapidly and sat back, calming myself. I had so many questions. What do I ask?

     "Will you explain how this happened?" I asked sweetly.

     "Yes," she said flustered, "It's a long, long story though, and I don't think Tyson will "understand" all of it."

     I nodded slowly, confused. When will I be able to hear this story? It sounded intersesting.

     "I'm going to take Tyson. We can talk later," my mom grabbed Tyson's hand and led him out, shutting the door.

     Allison told me one of the saddest stories ever. She told me how her mom died, her dad moved her, then he abducted her. She was held for a little under a year and was raped and tortured. When she was finally freed, she moved to London to get away. There, she met one direction and her and Liam fell in love. Mike, her father, ended up abducting her again and doing worse things to her. She was rescued, shot, she recovered and finally Mike was put in jail. She added in more details too like trying to commit suicide and all the little notes and stuff from Mike. She also explained finding her best friend again because the band was on tour again.

     I was a big directioner, but not like, obsessed. That's why I didn't know Liam was dating her. It was only released publicly a few days ago.

     I told her all about me too. How my dad died, I got a job to help support my family, and I had only one brother, Tyson. I added in parts about being bullied too, since she had similar stories. I also mentioned that I loved soccer which got a smile out of Liam.

     We were probably in there for hours, talking and catching up. By the time we decided to get something to eat, I felt like I had known Alli all my life. Not like we just met.

     We got into Alli's car and drove to a starbucks for lunch. Some how, we found even more things to talk about like our interests, hobbies, and talents. I also learned a lot about Liam that no magazine or book could ever tell me.

     "I'm going to text the guys to meet us here," Liam announced.

     My heart swooped with joy. I was about to meet one direction. Alli and I sipped our lattes as I questioned Liam about the band. He nibbled on a cinnamon roll, contimplating every question for the best answer.

     We got into small talk about facebook and twitter. I was now following Alli and she followed me. We were also friends on facebook.

     "Say cheese!" Alli snapped a pic of the three of us smiling goofily and tweeted it, "lunch with the bf and the cousin!"

     "The guys are hear," Liam nodded his head toward the door as the rest of one direction walked into the starbucks.



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