Alli had been stolen, yet again, by Mike (her father). She was taken away from the only person she'd ever loved. Liam. What will him, and the other guys, do to get her back? How much are they willing to risk to save her? Sequel to Stolen


47. New Life

*A/N I can't even BEGIN to explain how freaking sorry I am for not updating for like two whole months (I have exactly 133 unread e-mails, whoops!) but I'm not going to go and apologize a bunch, instead I'm going to give you new chapters, so here you go! After two months of waiting, enjoy!

* Hailey's POV

     "Hailey, where do you live?" Allison asks me from the front seat.

     I unclip my seatbelt and reach towards the GPS. I tap in my address and lean back again. The car ride was full of talking and laughter between Charlotte and Alli. They seemed so happy to be together again after missing out on six months of eachothers lives. Truthfully, I wasn't the happiest to be going on the tour with them. I will probably feel like a third wheel. I always feel left out at school. I only have one good friend. Her name was Harper. I decided to text her since I was going to be leaving for the next year.

To: Harper
From: Hailey

Hey I have big news!

     I locked my phone and put it away. I turned my gaze back to the window, gazing at the counrtyside rushing past. It was quite calming.

     I didn't want to be left out, but I also did want to go because it's not everyday you are invited on tour with one direction. I sat in comfortable silence, gazing out the window until we pulled into my driveway. I hopped out and led everyone inside.

     It took a while to get past my mom who insisted on giving everyone a hug and making tea. I rolled my eyes and jogged upstairs, opening the door to my room. Alli and Charlotte 'oohd' as I opened my door. My room was lime green and vibrant purple with bright blue accents. I had a small white desk where my macbook sat. I walked over to my walk in closet and pulled open the door.

     I grabbed my suitcase from a shelf and stuffed every single item of clothing I own into it. It was a big suitcase. I also packed a smaller bag with my laptop, laptop charger, iPhone charger, and a couple of books and magazines. I was all set.

     I heaved my suitcase downstairs and into the car with a lot of help from Alli, Charlotte, and Liam. At last, I gave my mother a hug which was kind of wet because of the tears running down her face.

     "I'll talk to you as often as I can, I love you," I hugged my mom.

     She nodded into my shoulder. I also gave Tyson a big hug, ruffling his hair.

     "I'll miss you buddy," I felt a few tears spring into my eyes.

     "But where are you going?" he asked with his big eyes and pouty mouth.

     "Eveywhere. I'm going everywhere," I chuckle, letting a few drip down my cheeks before I brush them away.

      I give a little wave and shut the door. Now I start my new life. Life with One Direction.

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