Alli had been stolen, yet again, by Mike (her father). She was taken away from the only person she'd ever loved. Liam. What will him, and the other guys, do to get her back? How much are they willing to risk to save her? Sequel to Stolen


41. Mr. Shwelter

* Allison's POV

     On the car ride to Charlotte's house, I told the whole story to the guys. They were really happy for me and kept asking questions, most of which I didn't have the answers too.

     We dropped Piper off and got the okay from Char's mom, after her crying and hugging me and sobbing abou thow much she missed me, to have her stay the night with us. We drove back to the hotel and went up to our room.

     We changed and climbed into bed, falling asleep before our heads even hit the pillows.


     The next morning, I knew that I had to be looking my best. I woke up early and took a long, hot shower, cleaning my self thoroughly, washing my hair, and shaving. I  blow dried my hair and curled it slightly. It looked perfect and soft. I applied a little make-up to highlight my face, but stay natural at the same time. I also had to find the perfect outift. I decided on a pair of dark wash Hollister jeans, a loose fitted, flowy blue top, and black TOMS.

     I nudged Liam awake so he would have time to shower and get dressed. It was just the two of us going so hopefully I could trust the other four guys with Char alone for a few hours.

     At 8 on the dot, Liam and I arived at the office buliding in his SUV. We climbed out and he locked the doors.  The building was concrete and metal with some tinted glass walls. The inside was even more modern with boxy black furniture in the reception room and weird chrome statues jutting up. The light fixtures hung down in odd shapes and angles.

     I stepped up to the front desk where a young woman was working. She had mousy brown hair, a long face, and bright blue eyes. She reminded me of a horse except she was skinny as a stick.

     "Alli Meyers. I'm here for an apointment with Abrahm Shwelter," I said as politely as possible.

     "One moment," she snapped her gum loudly, "Down the hall, second door on your left," she pinted to my right.

     I gave a small nod and smiled, grabbing Liam's hand. We walked down the hall and knocked on the door.

     It opened a crack and an eye peeked around the corner. Whoever it was noticed me and opened it wider.

     "Come in, come in," the man sounded jumpy.

     He was on the tall side, skinny, pasty white, bald and had a pair of small spectacles hanging around his nack with a metal chain. Every couple of seconds he would wipe his brow with a hankerchief or wipe his spectacles with a cloth. He seemed jumpy and would flinch at the slightest noise.

     "My name is Abrahm but you can call me Mr. Shwelter," he held out a shaky hand which Liam and I quickly shook.

     "Who is this man?" Abrahm asked like Liam wasn't in the room.

     "My boyfriend," I answered shortly.

     "Oh," Abrahm gave a small once-over, but shrugged.

     "Mrs. Baker and her two children will be here shortly," Abrahm took a seat at a small metal table and poured over someething in a folder.

     "Mr. Shwelter, can you tell me anything about the Bakers?" I asked hopefully.

     "Yes, they have lived in California all their lives, the dad died about 7 years ago, when the girl was 12. The girl's name is Hailey, she's 18 right now and she has a little brother named Tyson who is 9," he looked irritated that we interupted him.

     I didn't care though. I couldn't believe I had a cousin. And she's practically my age! I started to daydream about the fun we would have together, sleepovers, gossip sessions, make-up parties, doing nails, shopping. I felt like I was 12 again.

     My thoughts were interupted by a knock at the door. My heart leaped out of my chest. They were here.



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