Alli had been stolen, yet again, by Mike (her father). She was taken away from the only person she'd ever loved. Liam. What will him, and the other guys, do to get her back? How much are they willing to risk to save her? Sequel to Stolen


43. Learning About Cousins

*A/N sorry for the long wait on an update and that this chapter is super long and for any gramatical errors, I was too lazy to go back through and chack it. Hope you enjoy! I will hopefully update again tomorrow but no promises ;)

* Hailey's POV

     I was already up and dressed when my alarm clock buzzed at 7:30 AM. I had on jeans, a crop top that faded pink to orange, and short gray UGGS. I pulled my dirty blond hair into a tight pony tail. Even in the ponytail, it still reached past my shoulders. I didn't apply any make-up. I liked to go au naturale, plus I could never find foundation or eye shadow that matched my pale complexion. I did like my eyes though, they were a crystal clear blue and they twinkled in the light.

     I quickly brushed my teeth and rushed to grab my iPhone. I bounced down the stairs two at a time and came too the kitchen. My mother sat at the kitchen table sipping from a mug and examining the daily paper. Her eyes looked red and puffy like she had been crying.

     I scrunched my nose in puzzlement, but shrugged it off. I pulled my bright pink northface out of hallway closet and threw my backback over my shoulder. 

     "I'm off to school," I grabbed a piece of toast from the stack on the counter and threw my car keyes in my pocket.

     "Hailey, wait. Come sit down," my mom sounded tired.

     "But, school? I'm going to be late!" I could not afford to be late again, once is bad enough.

     "I already talked to your teacher," she sighed, "You're not going today. Come, sit."

     I shrugged my back pack off my shoulder and gently set it on the floor. I slid into a seat across from my mom. I studied her face. For the first time, I noticed the deep wrinkled set in her face. The worry lines etched from years of stress. It had been that way ever since my dad died. My mom was hard on me, but I understood the pressure she was under to support our family.

     "Mom, have you been crying?" I asked worridly.

     I gave a quick glance at the stairs. If Tyson saw mom crying, he would freak. He hates it when mom crys. Especially since he just automatically associates it with dad's death. Tyson was my little brother. To be fair, he was only nine.

     "It's okay.He's still sleeping," she said reading my mind, "And yes, I have."

     "Is everything okay?" I grapped her hand and bit my lip, peering into her eyes.

     "I have some good, well good and bad, news," she sighed again, a sob caught in her throat.

     "What's the bad news," my heart started thudding.

     "I guess I have to start with a story," she gazed past me, looking at nothing in particular.

     "When I was born, my mother gave me up for adoption. She was young, yoo young. Only eighteen. Much too young to raise a child. I alwasy knew I was adopted and when I turned eighteen, I finally met her. My birth, mother that is. What I didn't know, is that she had had another girl."

     A small gasp excaped my lips. Another girl? That would mean she was my, aunt?

     "Yes," she chuckled, "Your aunt. Her name was Jessica. I had finally gotten the sister I always wanted and I had also gotten my mom back. We were a family again. Jessica was only five years younger than me, and after ten years, so she was only twenty three, she fell in love with Mike. They eventually got married and had a kid. Your cousin. Now Mike," she shuddered, "He used to abuse Jessica."

     I let it all sink in. I had a cousin. And and Aunt and Uncle, even if he did sound like a terrible person. I was ecstatic.

     "Mike beat Jessica, but he never layed a hand on Allison, your cousin. One day, I got a call. Jess had died in a car crash. I was devastated. By now, your grandmother had dided of cancer. There was a small funeral, which I attended. After that, Mike packed Alli up and they moved away, never to be heard or seen again. I'm not going to go into detail, but they found Jessica's will after all these years and we get half!"

     Happy tears fell down her face and I felt a few drop down my cheek. I was so happy. This would help our family so much.

     "Where does the other half go?" I asked.

     "Allison gets the other half," she said, "And we are meeting with her today to discuss the will."

     "Wait, I get to meet her!?! I get to meet my cousin!?!" I was overjoyed, "But why doesn't Mike get it?"

     "Mike is..." she fidgeted in her seat uncomfortable, "In jail for life."

     "For abusing Aunt Jess?" I asked stunned.

     "Not exactly," another her escaped her eye, "You will have to talk to Alli about that. She can explain it better."

     I decided to drop the subject completely. I was going to meet my cousin! I wondered what she was like.

     "How old is she? What's she like? Where's she from?" questions tumbled out of my mouth.

     "She is ninteen, I have never saw her aftter Jess died, and she is from here, California, but she moved to London, England," my mother sounded proud of Allison.

     "So we are going to a meeting discussing the will in," my mother glanced at the clock, "right now! Go wake your brother."

     I rushed upstairs and jostled Tyson awake. I helped him pick out some khakis and a button up shirt. I combed his hair back. He was such a handsome little boy, just like dad.

     We all hurried to the car and drove off. On the way there, we filled Tyson in on almost everything, leaving out some bits and pieces that he wouldn't understand or were too "mature" for him.

     "If Allison lives in London, what is she doing in LA? She couldn't of flown all the out here just for this meeting," I was slightly confused.

     "Yes, I'm not sure of the details. Jess's attourney just called this morning saying they found the will and they could fit an apointment in today," my mother kept her eyes on the rode.

      Ten minutes later, we pulled into the parking lot. I hopped out and helped Tyson. It was 8:05 and we were a little late. We walked wuickly into the building and were pinted down a corridor. We stopped and my mother knocked on one of the doors.

     Oh my god, I thought, smiling to myself. I was about to meet my cousin. Here we go.



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