Alli had been stolen, yet again, by Mike (her father). She was taken away from the only person she'd ever loved. Liam. What will him, and the other guys, do to get her back? How much are they willing to risk to save her? Sequel to Stolen


15. Ghost

* Allison's POV

     My eyes fluttered open. I squinted, blocking the bright light that shone on my face. I propped myself  up on my elbows, glancing around. I was in a park, maybe? I couldn't tell. Everything was white. The grass was white, the sky was white, the sun was white, the path I was laying on was white, the trees were white, everything. Something swooped over my head. I ducted and looked up, noticing birds. They were white, too. I noticed that instead of leaves on the trees, there were birds. There were hundreds of them.  A few birds opened their mouths and the sound of bells filled the air. I stood up, brushing myself off. I was wearing a white, lacy dress and I had no shoes on. I started walking down the path. I came across a white, marble fountain. Of course the water was white. It looked thicker though, like silk pouring out of  the bird statue on the top. I continued on my journey and found a huge, white gazebo. It was made of marble with big steps leading up to it and white vines creeping up the side.  I climbed the steps slowly. I gasped as I reached the top. In front of me was a magnificent feast. There was food of all kind. Chicken,  pork, steak, turkey, and ham. There was pasta and salad and pitchers full of drinks. There were cakes, cookies, and tarts. All of this was white. I ran up to the table and grabbed a cookie, sinking my teeth into it. I chewed, thoughtfully. I couldn't taste a thing. How odd. I looked up and my mouth dropped in surprise. Liam, Harry, Louis, Niall, and Zayn sat on white stools. They were all wearing white tuxedos. I skipped around the table and ran up to Liam, throwing my arms around him, but drifting through him. What was this? Was I a ghost? Am I in heaven? I grabbed at Liam and tried to feel, but I couldn't. I noticed the looks of sorrow on all of their faces. One by one, they rose and trudged over to a white casket by the side of the gazebo. My heart went into my throat as I drifted behind them and peeped around Niall to get a look at who was in the casket. I screamed, but the only sound that came out was the tinkling of bells. I was in the casket! I was wearing a blood red dress, the only color in the room, my skin was as pale as a snowflake. My hair floated around my head in a golden halo. The guys all laid crisp, white rosses in my hands. I felt like I should cry, but I couldn't. All of a sudden, the boys fade away and I'm left alone, before everything goes black.

     I wake up for the second time lying on the ground. I'm laying in the middle of the road. I can tell I'm in the city, but there are no cars or people. Not even a sound. It's as if the whole world is deserted. At least there's color. I get up and look around. I'm still in the white dress and barefoot. Out of nowere, Liam appears. I smile a hopeful smile and walk to him briskly. I reach him and my breathing halts. I place my hand on his chest lighly. I'm not a ghost anymore! "Liam?" I whisper. He sneers at me and steps back. He has an evil smile on his face. The guys all appear behind him, the same evil smirks on their faces. "Guys?" I stutter. I feel the tears coming on. I cringe as a loud voice booms above me. "Pathetic, Worthless, Nothing!"  I grab my ears and look up screaming. It's no use, I can hear the words reverberating in my head. I fall to my knees, tears rushing down my cheeks. Liam ste ps towards me, followed by Harry, Niall, Louis, and Zayn. They form a circle around me and chant out the same words, "Pathetic, Worthless, Nothing!" I scream and scream. They get closer and louder. "Pathetic, Worthless, Nothing! Pathetic, Worthless, Nothing! PATHETIC, WORTHLESS, NOTHING!" In the blink of an eye, the guys explode. Like literally, explode, into a mass of cawing crows. The black murder of crows, cawing and pecking at me, picks me up in their tiny talons. I'm lifted from the ground, too afraid to scream. I'm lifted higher, and higher, and higher, until the buildings are tiny specks. I feel heavier and all of a sudden, I'm falling. Free falling through the air, tumbling helplessly, twisting and writhing in an attempt to, well, who knows what. I open my mouth to scream, but I'm cut off by the never ending blackness enveloping me.

     I wake up, screaming my head off. I realize it was just a dream, nightmare to be more specific, but I continue screaming. Louder and louder until nurses rush in trying to help. My heart rate is off the charts. Eventually the little monitor shatters sending glass all over the floor. There is a big flashing red light going off above my head. I here a soft siren and a voice on the loudspeaker asking for back up. Nurses are rushing around frantically. The whole time, I'm screaming.


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