Alli had been stolen, yet again, by Mike (her father). She was taken away from the only person she'd ever loved. Liam. What will him, and the other guys, do to get her back? How much are they willing to risk to save her? Sequel to Stolen


56. Free

* Allison's POV

     The hot, humid air rushed up and slammed against my body. I was spiraling down at a rapid rate. My hair whiped behind my head and my dress billowed around my body.

     The rushing air gave me a headache but I didn't care. The hot wind brought tears to my eyes,  but I didn't care.

     All of a sudden, I was weightless. My heart stopped. I smiled a crazy, euphoric smile. I felt like I was on top of the world. I felt like I could finally give in. I felt like I could do anything.

I was infinite.

I. Was. Free

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