Alli had been stolen, yet again, by Mike (her father). She was taken away from the only person she'd ever loved. Liam. What will him, and the other guys, do to get her back? How much are they willing to risk to save her? Sequel to Stolen


40. Family Again

* Charlotte's POV

     The boys were signing autographs and taking pictures so they didn't notice, but Alli had been gone for a while now. I decided to go looke for her. She had taken a phone call so she couldn't of gone far.

     I weaved my way through the pack of girls, calling out Alli's name every so often. I pushed my way out onto the street and started to walk down the block. I called out her name louder, getting a little more worried. I walked down two blocks one way, two blocks the other way, and even circled the blocks surrounding the event. I simply couldn't find her.

     I took up a quicker pace and shoved my way through the girls again, getting a few elbows to the stomach and a few dirty looks. I burst my way into the little circle surrounding the boys. They looked surprised to see me.

     "Where's Alli?" Liam yelled over the screaming.

     I shrugged and yelled in respnse, "I'm trying to find her."

     I feel a hand grab my wrist and I'm yanked through the crowd, behind the stage. They turn around to face me and I realize it's Alli. I pull her into a hug.

     "What took you so long?" I mumble into her shoulder.

     "It's a long story," she looks tired and worn out.

     "We've got time," I joke, punching her lightly in the arm.

     She smiles and puffs up her cheeks, slowly letting the air out.

     "So you know I got a phone call? Well, it was my mother's attourney, Abrahm something I think. He called to tell me that they found my mother's will," she paused for dramatic effect and to let it sink in.

     A million questions buzzed around my head and I couldn't figure out which to ask.

     "How?" I finally settled on a question.

     "When my mother died, me and my father moved out, but you knew that. Well it turns out, the older couple that bought the house dided recently and it was resold. The family that moved in found the will, but so far I don't know how they found it, just that they did," she said.

     "Do you know what's in it?" I asked excitedly.

     "Well, no. All I know is that I get half of her belongings," she looked dissapointed, but happy.

     "Why would you only get half?" I was highly confused.

     "My aunt, her sister, gets the other half," she said slowly, almost trying to convince herself.

     "Wait, hold on, you have an aunt?" I couldn't believe it.

     "Yes. And cousins," she looked genuinly happy.

     It's not every day you find out about your relatives that you didn't know you had. She thought her family was gone, her grandparents died years ago, her mother died years ago, and her dad? Well she doesn't like to talk about that, but he hardly counts as a relative. Either way, he's in jail.

     "I set up a meeting with Abrahm to meet them tomorrow, which is actually today. We are going to discuss the will," she looked excited.

     "Well we should probably get home then," I said happily.

     We fought our way through the pack of girls, to the guys. Alli went and whispered in Liam's ear, who whispered in Harry's ear, who whispered in Niall's ear ect. and they all stood up.

     "Thank you for coming, we had a great time, but we have to go!" Liam shouted to all the girls.

     They guys came over, we grabbed Piper, and we made it to the car unharmed. In a few hours, Alli would have family again.

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