Alli had been stolen, yet again, by Mike (her father). She was taken away from the only person she'd ever loved. Liam. What will him, and the other guys, do to get her back? How much are they willing to risk to save her? Sequel to Stolen


30. Face to Face Again

* Charlotte's POV

     I woke up at 11 am to my alarm clock. I stretched and yawned. Oh my god. I was going to the One Direction concert tonight! I took a long shower, shaving and washing my hair while singing to my One Direction CD. Then I blowdried and straightened my hair. I put on light make-up, just some foundation, silver eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara.

     Everything was going perfect. My camera and phone were charging as I skipped through my room to my walk-in closet. It took about 45 minutes to find the perfect outfit. Finally, I decided on a loose white tank top that said 1D in red, a black bandeau, red jean shorts, and black converse.

     I grabbed a small, sippered purse and slipped my phone and camerea inside zipping it tightly. I clicked my CD off and turned off the lights in my room. I shut my door and enterd the hallway, bumping into Piper. Her hair was slightly curled to her right shoulder and she had the littlest bit of make-up on. She had on a 1D tshirt with all their faces, white jean shorts. and white vans.

     We had our little fangirl moment, jumping up an down screaming holding hands. When I collected myself, I gave her a big hug and put my arm around her shoulder, heading downstairs. I grabbed my keys of the marble countertop.

     There was a note on the table from mom saying she went out for lunch with a friend and to have fun. We stepped onto the porch and locked the door behind us. I unlocked my red mini-cooper with a short beep and we climbed in. This was going to be amaing.

     I was tense the whole way there, driving really fast, or really slow. Every five minutes I would check to see if I still had my phone, camerea, or the tickets. I was fidgety and nervous.

     "Char, calm down. You look crazy," Piper snorted.

     I took a deep breath and tried to calm my nerves. My heart leaped when I saw the big dome of a buliding loom up in the distance. Twenty minutes later, we were parked and in line, waiting to get inside. The concert didn't start until eight and it was only two, but we wanted to be early.

     There was a big comotion and I turned to see a bunch of girls flailing to get to a big black van. It looked pretty sketchy if you ask me.

     Piper looked like she was about to faint. I hald her arm and she looked at me dazed.

     "That's, that's, that's One Direction," she said breathlessly.

     Recognition set in and I went into a kind of fangirl moment, screaming and taking a billion pictures of a random black van. Well, not a random one, One Direction's black van.

     *Four Hours Later*

* Allison's POV

     It was an hour before the concert and I was freaking out. I had already drunk four bottle of water out of nervousness, What if Char didn't remember me? What if she didn't want to see me? What if she's with her new best friend? Every time I convinced myself to go look for her, something held me back.

     "I'm going to get some fresh air," I called out, and befor anyone could stop me, I was outside.

     I scanned the hundreds of thousands of fans in front of me. I had this feeling that I was going to find her, well almost. I spotted her sister, Piper, first. I missed Piper.

     Then I saw her. Char turned around and I saw her full body. She looked beautiful as always and hadn't changed a bit. I felt hot tears burn in my eyes.

     I started waling towards her, but I picked up more and more speed as I went along. Soon, I was full out sprinting towards her. I skidded to a halt breathing hard, and tapped her shoulder.

* Charlotte's POV

     It had been a tough four hours. The concert still didn't start for another hour. I was jittery just thinking about it. I wondered if I would see Alli, maybe they'll bring her out on stage. My question was answered a few second later.

     I felt someone tap my shoulder, "Excuse me."

     I knew that voice anywere, but I never expected to hear it again. A tear fell down my face as I turned around slowly, knowing who I was about to come face to face with.

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