Forget It

Eliza (Lizzie) is just a girl trying to find her place in the world. During her trip to Paris, she runs into a world famous boyband known as, One Direction. But Lizzie doesn't know who they are. Has she been living under a rock? She starts to hang out with them more often, after one of them gave her his number. Will Lizzie find love? Will her heart be broken? Will her horrid past catch up with her? You'll have to read to find out!


6. No!

after we ate and I  got dressed we went over to the boys apartment. They were sitting around the TV talking. They looked upset. "hey." I said. "huh. Oh Hey. Niall can we talk to you?" Liam said and pulled the rest of the boys into a room. I sat on the couch. I couldn't hear what they were saying. "WHAT!?" Niall screamed. I looked at the room. "NO! They can't do this! It's not fair!" he yelled. He ran out furious."Niall wha-" I tried to say but he ran out the front door. "what happened?" I asked really confused. "management is making him break up with you." Liam said. My face turned pale. "wh-why.." I asked holding back tears. "they don't want him in a relationship right now." Liam said. My heart had just died. I didn't say anything else and I just left. I grabbed my guitar and went to the park. I sat down on a bench and silently cried. I stopped crying a bit and started strumming "I won't give up" by Jason Mraz. I didn't care who heard or watched. I started singing as people passed and handed me money. I didn't want their money. I just left it alone. "cause even the stars they burn some even fall to the earth we got a lot to learn. God knows we're worth it." at that part there was a crowd around me. I continued on. When I finished they had clapped. I smiled and stood up they handed me money and took it gratefully though I didn't need it. I picked up the other pile and held it. I looked around, then I saw someone sleeping on a bench. I smiled and walked over there. I woke him up and gave him the money. "you need it more than I do." I said and smiled. "th-thank you so much." he said. I nodded and walked off. I looked back at him while I was still walking and I bumped into someone. "oh sorry." I said and looked up at him. "it's fine babe." he snickered evilly. No it can't be him. No. No. No. NO! "J-Jared?"

"hey babe." he said. I backed up slowly but he grabbed my arm. I screamed and he let go. "Get away from me!" I yelled. In a matter of seconds the cops tackled him. I guess they were just walking around and heard me. "ma'am are you okay?" one asked me. "yeah. But he needs to go to jail for other reasons." I said. Finally he would get arrested. "like what?" she asked me. "A lot of things." I said. "come down to the station with us and explain." she said. I agreed and we went down to the station. I sat in her office waiting. She came in and sat down. "what did he do?" she asked. "okay, well. He raped me, he abused me, he stabbed me, and he murdered my family. That's just to me. I don't know what else he's done." I said. She went wide eyed. "where'd he stab you?" she asked. I showed her where and told her about him killing my family and anything else she wanted to know. After that I went back to my apartment but before I went in, Niall stopped me. "Lizzie listen." he said. "Eliza. It's Eliza." I scoffed. "Eliza. I don't want to break up with you. Management is making me!" he said. "I. Don't. Care. I should've never fallen for you. I knew I would regret it but noooo! I just had to do it anyways. And now my heart is being broken by people who don't even know me. I can't live like this. Someone's always leaving or hurting me." I said, on the edge of crying. "Eliza you don't know how much it hurts me too. I can't live with out you." he said. "Niall, I'll always love you. But I have to leave. I'm not gonna get hurt again. I just can't." I let my tears out. "think about me. Lizzie I won't let you go." he said an grabbed my arm. I pushed his hand off me and went into my apartment. I shut the door in his face and slid down on my back. I ran my fingers through my hair and tugged at it. I felt like screaming but I didn't. Life had just gotten good. Why is this happening?

"Eliza please open the door." Niall said. I didn't say anything. I felt him slid down against the door on the other side. "Eliza. Please." I heard him sob. I unlocked the door and shuffled away from it. He burst through the door and wrapped me in a hug. "Eliza I'm sorry. I'm not him. I don't want to hurt you. I'm telling management that I'm not breaking up with you. I will NOT let them make me hurt you." he whispered into my ear. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he picked me up. "Eliza I-" he started but I cut him off. "Lizzie." I said. He smiled and I giggled. "Well, Lizzie," he laughed setting me on my bed. "Get some rest." I frowned and looked at him. "But I wanna stay with you." I said. He chuckled and slid next to me. He wrapped an arm around me and pulled me closer to him. "I won't ever hurt you." he whispered. "Promise?" I sniffled. "promise." he smiled. I smiled an nuzzled into his chest. Please don't let this turn out bad.
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