Forget It

Eliza (Lizzie) is just a girl trying to find her place in the world. During her trip to Paris, she runs into a world famous boyband known as, One Direction. But Lizzie doesn't know who they are. Has she been living under a rock? She starts to hang out with them more often, after one of them gave her his number. Will Lizzie find love? Will her heart be broken? Will her horrid past catch up with her? You'll have to read to find out!


8. Liam...

"So what is our status?" he asked. "Management doesn't want us together. Your fans think we are separated. Our break up is all over twitter and everything. So maybe we should stay a secret." I said. "A forbidden love." he laughed. "You should leave before someone Comes snooping around. Skype me later." I pecked his lips and pushed him out. I really did love him. Even if he hurt me, it wasn't actually all his fault. ~Later around 9 pm~ "Hi Babe" Niall smiled through the webcam. "Hi Niall." I laughed. "What are you doing?" he said. "Skyping my forbidden love." I giggled. He laughed. God I loved his laugh. **Niall pov** I loved her. I truly loved her. "What are you doing?" I asked her. "Skyping my forbidden love." she giggled. She was so cute. "Hold on. I need food." she said and went to her kitchen. I laughed and heard a quiet laugh from my doorway. I turned my head and there stood a smiling Harry. I stood up and ran my fingers through my hair. "H-Harry. You can't tell anyone!" I said. "Don't worry mate. I won't. I promise." he chuckled. "Thanks." I sighed in relief. "Do you love her? Like truly love her?" he asked me randomly. "Yes. I hate what I did. I killed me to see her like that. I love her Harry." I said. "Good. Now talk to her and not me." he smiled and pointed at my laptop. Lizzie was sitting there smiling. I blushed. Harry left and we returned to our conversation. "Why don't you come over?" she asked me. I smiled. "be over in a bit. I gotta get past Liam." I whispered and closed my laptop. I snuck downstairs and out the front door and into Lizzie apartment. "Hi." I whispered as I came in. "hey come here." she smiled. I sat next to her on the couch, she crawled on top of me and laid her head on my chest. I smiled and wrapped my arms around her. "Niall.." she whispered. "Yes." I said. "Goodnight." she yawned. "night baby." I said and kissed her head. I truly loved her.

**Eliza pov** when I woke up Niall was still sleeping. I smiled and got off him. I leaned down to him and put my mouth near his ear. "Niall. Wake up." I whispered. He slowly opened his eyes and smiled. "Morning love." he whispered in his sleepy morning voice. "good morning." I said. He pulled me down on top of him and I giggled. "I love that" he said. I blushed and poked his nose. He let me up and he stood up too. He wrapped his arms around me and laughed. "what?" I said. "Just thinking of how I can only kiss you when we're alone." he frowned. "well, we're alone now." I said and faced him. My arms snaked around his neck and his around my waist. "Jump." he said. I laughed and jumped up an wrapped my legs around his waist. He held me up and smiled at me. I leaned down to him and kissed him.  He set me down and I pulled back and stared at him. "What?" I asked. He looked at the door way. I turned my head and there was Liam with his arms crossed. "Liam.." Niall said. "What the hell?" Liam scoffed. And that's all he said.
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