Forget It

Eliza (Lizzie) is just a girl trying to find her place in the world. During her trip to Paris, she runs into a world famous boyband known as, One Direction. But Lizzie doesn't know who they are. Has she been living under a rock? She starts to hang out with them more often, after one of them gave her his number. Will Lizzie find love? Will her heart be broken? Will her horrid past catch up with her? You'll have to read to find out!


7. Just Leave Me Alone

we laid there talking and laughing for a long time until The boys ran through my door. "Thanks for knocking." I laughed. "Niall management is ticked at you." Liam said. "Let them be. I'm not breaking up with Lizzie" he said and smiled at me. "You have to or they'll-" Liam tried to say. "NO! I'm not breaking up with her. I don't care what they say. I'm. Not. Doing. It. Get it?" Niall scoffed. "Got it." they said. "good." he huffed and pushed them out. he sat down next to me and sighed. "Niall.." I said trying to calm the fired up irishman. "Lizzie I'm sorry." he said shaky breathed. "it's fine" I said and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and hugged me. I kissed below his ear and he rolled on top of me.  I giggled and closed my eyes. He kissed my nose and I scrunched my face. He laughed and got off me. "I really do love you." he said. "I love you more." I laughed. "no. I love you more." he said and poked my nose. This continued for two hours until my phone beeped. Twitter notification, from Harry. 

@Harry_Styles: @NiallOfficial and @ElizaMusic have been having an "I love you more" war next door for two hours! <3 spread the love.

I laughed And replied : 

@ElizaMusic: @Harry_Styles don't eavesdrop. It's not nice curly. ;) 

Niall laughed and kissed my forehead. Just then he got a call. "Hello? Oh hey. Yes. No. No! Maybe. Sorry! Mmhmm. No she's not! Why? Well it's my life. I don't care I'm not breaking up with her." an he hung up. "what happened?" I asked. "Management asked me if I was still dating you, then asked if we did it, then asked if you were pregnant. And other stuff. An tried to convince me to dump you. But I'm not gonna do that." he said and smiled. His smile was amazing. I loved him.

we laughed and he had to leave to take a shower. When he didn't come back I went on twitter and sent him a tweet.

@/ElizaMusic: @/NiallOfficial where are you??

A few minutes later he answered. 

@/NiallOfficial: @/ElizaMusic Liz I'm sorry. I'm breaking up with you.

... What. What. What?!? This was public for the WHOLE WORLD to see. I threw my Laptop at my beanbag and it landed with a soft thud. I put on my shoes, grabbed my phone and ran out the door crying. There were paparazzi everywhere outside. People stared at me crying but I didn't care. I pushed through them and ran down the street. No destination, just running. It started raining and I ran into a little coffee shop with tear stained cheeks. The people in there stared at me. I sat down at a little table and put my head in my hands. I sobbed silently and then wiped my eyes. I looked at my phone an saw I had over 1,000 mentions. I let a tear slip out and I turned my phone off only for it to be turned back on by a text from Niall. 

Niall<3: Lizzie please answer me!
Lizard: What?!
Niall<3: I'm sorry
Lizard: me too. Goodbye Niall
Niall<3: Lizzie no!
Lizard: WHY! Why'd you do it. You said you wouldn't. 
Niall<3: I had to. If I didn't they would've cut my mic off and make me play guitar the whole time. 
Lizard: YOU PROMISED NIALL! You said you never would. 
Niall<3: babe. I had to. Singing is my life. I'm SO sorry. 
Lizard: You didn't have to make it public for EVERYONE to see. You could've texted me. 
Niall<3: they said I had to make it public. 
Lizard: they this. They that. WHAT ABOUT YOU!? What does Niall want to do? They aren't you niall. 
Niall<3: I'm sorry. 
Lizard: just leave me alone. 
Niall<3: Lizzie. Please don't do this. 

I didn't answer back. I just put my phone in my pocket and walked out of the shop.

there were paparazzi everywhere. Talking at me, surrounding me, following me. I just ignored them. I took my phone out and called one person I could trust. Dani. 

Dani: Hey lizard
Me: Dani can you meet me in the park in ten?
Dani: yeah of course. What happened?
Me: I'll tell you later. 
Dani: ok see you soon

And the line went dead. I started walking towards the park but creepy fans stopped me. "uh. Hello." I said. "You're Eliza!" one said. "uh yeah." I said awkwardly. "what's wrong?" one said referring to my dry tears. "oh. Nothing" I said. "Niall broke up with her you lump!" another whispered in her ear, but I could still hear her. "oh. I'm sorry." she said and hugged me. I awkwardly hugged back. She pulled off and they all looked at me. "He'll be begging for you back. Trust me." one said. I smiled and laughed. "thank you girls. But I don't think he will anytime soon. now if I may. Excuse me." I said as politely as I could and walked away. I saw dani on a bench and ran over to her. She stood up and wrapped me in a hug. "Lizzie what happened." she asked. "check nialls twitter." I cried. We pulled apart and she took out her phone. She looked at Niall's twitter and her mouth dropped. "Honey. I'm so sorry." she said and squeezed me. I cried into her neck quietly. "Wanna go have a sleepover." she said. I slowly nodded and let go. I put on sunglasses to hide my eyes and hooked arms with Dani. We walked back to my apartment and shuffled in quickly to avoid the boys. We sat on the couch after changing into pajamas, getting fatty food out, and putting Netflix on. "What type of film?" she asked. "something scary." I said and she put on Super 8. Not that scary but okay. We turned off the lights and pulled blankets over us. I passed out during the third movie which was a good thing because I wouldn't have been able to watch it with out thinking of Niall. It was Finding Nemo.

when I woke up I was alone. There was a note on the table. "Hey Liz. I had to leave early for dance and I didn't want to wake you. Feel better today and talk to Niall. He really is sorry. Try not to be a lump today. Love you! -Dani" I laughed quietly. I stood up and stretched my arms. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a container of ice cream. I grabbed a spoon and went back into the living room. I opened my laptop and went on twitter. Pretty much my whole timeline was about us breaking up. A tear slid down my cheek. I decided to post. "Look guys, stop freaking out over nothing. He said its over and I'm fine. I didn't die." but I was dying. Metaphorically speaking. I had loved him. He had hurt me. I took a spoonful of ice cream in my mouth as someone knocked on my door. "Go Away!" I yelled. "Lizzie its dani. Open the door." she said. I grunted and stood up and walked over and opened the door. Her and Niall were standing there. I looked at him disgusted then at her hurt. "What.." I said with my voice cracking. "Lizzie you can't hide away forever." Dani said. "I can and I will." I said and closed the door but Dani stopped it. "Eliza May. You are not doing this again. Talk to him." she said sternly. I rolled my eyes and walked away with the door open allowing them to come in. Niall came in and dani closed the door leaving just me and him in the room. "Lizzie.." he whispered. "Eliza." I snapped. "Look, I'm sorry for everything.  I don't like management sometimes but we have to listen to them. I love you." he said. I had a serious look on my face. "Niall listen, you're amazing. One of the best people in the world. But I can't trust you now. You lied to me. You hurt me. You broke my heart. I loved you and you murdered my heart. I've dealt with stuff like this my whole life. I love you Niall. I always will. But I don't know if I can ever trust you again. I can't get hurt again. I just can't." I let some tears out. "Eliza I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry. I love you." He said, he looked like he was going to cry. "Stop saying it! I know you do! I've been hurt before! I know the routine! Just leave me al-" I yelled but was cut off by him kissing me. I don't know why i kissed back. But I did. His hands held my cheeks and my small hands were placed on his sides. We pulled apart and he smiled. "Eliza. Please. I love you. Please forgive me. I was stupid. I'm sorry." he said and held my hands. "If you screw up one more time Horan. I swear to God.." I said. His smile grew and he wrapped me in a big hug. I couldn't stay mad at him.
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