Forget It

Eliza (Lizzie) is just a girl trying to find her place in the world. During her trip to Paris, she runs into a world famous boyband known as, One Direction. But Lizzie doesn't know who they are. Has she been living under a rock? She starts to hang out with them more often, after one of them gave her his number. Will Lizzie find love? Will her heart be broken? Will her horrid past catch up with her? You'll have to read to find out!


3. I meant APPLE

"Eliza I- I didn't know. I'm sorry. We'll protect you. I won't let him hurt you." he said rubbing my back. By now I was crouched down on the  floor crying. "Eliza you'll be okay. We won't let him hurt you. Understand that? No one will hurt you." he said again. "promise?" I cried. "I promise." he said and picked me up. He set me on his bed and pulled the cover over me. "get some rest." he whispered and left. I wasn't tired. I just laid there staring at the ceiling. Until I drifted to sleep.

(my Dream) "Jared stop!" I screamed. "No. Shut up now or I'll kill you too." he huffed at me. I stood there against the wall forced to watch him kill my family. "JARED!" I screeched. "Liz. I'd shut up if I were you." he said coming at me with a bloody knife. I screamed and tried to run away but he grabbed my arm and pulled me to him. "It's your turn to die." he whispered then stabbed me. "NO!" I screamed. He pulled the knife out and ran off. The last thing I saw was what looked like cops coming through the door. Your a little late fellas.

"Lizzie wake up." someone said shaking me. "Wake up!" he yelled. I shot up. It was Niall. I had a tear stained face. "Niall." was all I said before collapsing into his chest. "Liz its okay." he said. He sounded like Jared. I pulled back immediately and pushed him away. "It's Eliza." I said. I slid back under the covers and silently cried. "L-Eliza. I'm sorry. Liam told us. Why didn't you tell me?" he said rubbing my arm. "I don't like talking to people. I've learned that you can't trust some people." I said and faced him. "you can trust us. I promise." he smiled and laid down next to me. "Niall. I can't. I can't fall for you." I said. "why not?" he asked me worried. "Because I. I don't even know you that well." I said. "then lets go play a game with the boys so you can get to know us" he said and picked me up and carried me to the couch. "BOYS!" he yelled. They scrambled in. "game time" he said. They sat in a circle. "Eliza. Truth or dare?" Louis said to me. "Uhm. Dare?" I said cautiously. "kiss Niall." he laughed. "LOUIS!" Niall whisper/yelled. I blushed and looked at Niall. I shrugged and we leaned in. I was hesitant at first until he crashed his lips to mine. I fell back and used my arms to prop me up. Just casually sitting there, Snogging with Niall, in front of his friends. Someone wolf whistled and i laughed. I pulled back and looked at him. Then his friends. And back to him. All amazingly gorgeous. And I get to talk to them. This was the best moment ever.

we had finished the truth or dare game an I learned a lot about them. Niall plays the guitar. Louis loves carrots and stuffed pigeons. Liam is the sensible one with a love of chocolate. Zayn is the deep, mysterious, yet funny and crazy one. And Harry is the flirt. I liked these boys. I Went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Someone came behind me and put their hands on my hips. I jumped a bit and he laughed. Niall. "Hi Niall." I said looking through the fridge. "Hungry?" he asked. I nodded and turned to face him. A few inches taller than me. I looked up into his eyes. "uhh. I'll just have a Niall. I MEAN an apple. APPLE." I said and grabbed an apple and Hung my head in embarrassment. I walked into the living room to see the boys laughing at me. "Shut up. I meant an APPLE!" I said. My cheeks were tomato red. "nah. She wanted a Niall." Louis laughed. Well this was embarrassing. Ugh. //
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