Skinny Love

Bullying was hard enough for Kaitlin Blake, but when she meets five interesting boys, life gets easier and harder for her. Who knows if she'll ever be okay. Maybe some people will just have to learn to keep their hands off and mouths shut to stop someone from doing the worst...


3. he's back..

I watched Harry’s expression as I told him what happened and what the girls has said. As he examined my cuts and old scars tears formed in his eyes and they soon fell down his face. After a few minutes of silent tears, he speaks up.

“After the concert, I want to introduce you to a friend. Well, not really mine but Liams. They’re really close. Her name is Erin. I think you’ll like her.” Harry grins wiping away a few of mine and his tears. His eyes drop to something he pulls out of his pocket. “Let’s just pull our selfs together for your first VIP concert.” Holding in front of me, is everything I ever wanted. Three VIP tickets. I’m guessing it’s one for me, Eleanor, and Erin.

“Oh, Harry! You’re the best! I can’t believe this!” I exclaim embracing him. We both get up and he wipes away my final tear before kissing me gently on the lips. He pulls away and looks me deep in the eyes.

“You deserve them, just like you deserve to be here. And how you deserve to be with…” His words trail off and we’re interrupted by Louis banging on the door.

“Can you get out of there? I’ve been waiting twenty minutes to take a shit. A MASSIVE SHIT.” He shouts and Harry shoves the tickets into my hands and swings the door open.

“Don’t swear!” He shouts and hits Lou in the balls and walks away.

—20 minutes until the boys go on—

“Oh my gosh, this is going to be SO much fun! It’s my first time at a concert like this! Let’s go take our seats!” Erin squeals. Her, Eleanor, and myself step out to take our seats and everyone in the crowd cheers. I look over at Eleanor and she gives me a reassuring nod. Erin looks at me and smiles. I guess they’re use to it, I think to myself and take my seat next to Erin. She grabs my wrist and shakes it excitingly. I’m beginning to realize that this is a great start of a relationship with me and Erin. She’s so happy and open all the time, I wish I could be that way. We just met earlier today and I already know everything about her, and her giant crush on Niall. By the little time I had with her, she feels like the mother I never even had. As the concert was going on, I couldn’t help but notice the boy next to us. I recognised him from somewhere, but couldn’t really remember.

When it was all over and we were all walking away from our seats, I feel a strong hand spin me around and I see the boy standing there looking me up and down.

“Nice to see you again, Kaitlin. Hopefully we could go somewhere to talk more, if you know what I mean.” the familiar boy says and brushes past me. I’m left there standing, what I feel like is alone, when I feel another strong hand grab my butt and work its way around to my front. “I still know all the pressure points” He says and walks away. I now know who he is and start shaking uncontrollably. There was a boy in my grade named Cameron. He was always irrelevant to me until I noticed that everyone would pick on him and bully him. One day, I decided to befriend him, since I felt real bad everyone else was mean to him. But, he took it way to far.

—flashback time—

I walked into class like in any old school day. I was late, like always, and peaked around the class room for any seats. I couldn’t find an open one until I looked in the back and saw the boy Cameron sitting very close to the empty seat. I look at my friend Cara and she gives me a thumbs up and starts giggling into her hands. I slowly walk over to the seat and sit down. I begin to put my stuff under the seat when I notice Cameron starring at me.

“Uhh.. Hi Cameron..” I cautiously say and throw my stuff under the seat.

“Hey Kaitlin!” He says to excited. I’m not the best friends with him but everyone else is rude to him do might as well be nice. “Do you wanna see all the pressure I know?” Cameron says grinning wide.

“I actually just want to focus on the board if that’s okay with- AH.” I was cut off by a strong thumb going into my shoulder blade. I quickly hit his hand away. “What was that for?!” I jump up and shout, which turns the whole class turns around. As I look at all of their awkward starring faces I look up to my teacher, Mr. Tiz, who is not as amused as Cara.

“Anything you would like to share with the class, Ms. Blake?” He says wide eyed, closing the book. “We would be very excited to hear what

“No.. It’s nothing. I’ll just work now.” I breath out and sit back in my seat, only to notice Cameron is very close to my desk now. I doodle on my page for 20 minutes and things die down. Before I can register it, another strong hand is grasping my upper thigh. My eyes shoot up to meet Cameron’s eyes.

“I know one more pressure point I want to show you.” He groans softly sliding his hand up my thigh before pressing his fingers hard on my vagina. I shoot up and scream, which really gets the classes attention. I’m sent down to the office, and then forced to walk home since my dad is at work. On the way there, I stopped at a coffee shop to calm down for a bit. I couldn’t have been in there for ten minutes when Cameron walks in. All of a sudden I start shaking. I get up and run to the door. After two blocks I slow down but he’s right behind me catching up. I jump for an ally way but slip on some mud and my leg gets all cut up from glass lying on the ground. I crawl over to a fence putting my hands on my legs to stop them from bleeding, but it does no help. My tearful eyes look up from my leg to see Cameron standing above me, smiling down at me as he picks me up and we go behind a trash can for 30 minutes….

As soon as its over he pulls his shirt over his head and walks away. I tried so hard to fight him but he was just stronger than me. I lay there bleeding until ten at night before I made my decision.

As I make my way up onto the bridge platform I think of all the people in my life. Cara, who didn’t do anything to stop this from happening. My mom, who died when I was just a baby. My dad, who refused to pick me up from school today. Non of this would have happened if they had done something different. I’m about to fall as I hear a screeching sound and watch a tall, curly haired boy sprint out of a bus…


“Kait… Kaitlin…” Erin says tapping my shoulder. “Ready to leave?” she smiles a little than notices me shaking and the dead look in my eyes, and her smile drops.

“Oh my god, Erin,” I whisper than quickly wrap my arms around her. Eleanor strokes my hair and Erin holds me back and they know something is wrong. “I just saw the guy who raped me…”

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