1D surprisement😳 A Niall Horan story...(fantasy)

When Niall met a girl he fell in love with her when she met her for the first time.. Niall and Joyce dated but Niall wants to move on. They were just going out like friends but Niall want them to be more than friends... Niall wants Joyce to be his girlfriend but Joyce doesn't want to.. She has a little secret that nobody knows...



The next day, Niall woke up early to buy Joyce a dress. Niall got back from the mall. Joyce said " hey Niall." Niall said handing Joyce the dress" here." Joyce said " it's so pretty." Niall said " like you." Joyce said " awww thanks Niall." Joyce took a shower and changed into the beautiful purplish pinkish dress. Niall said " you look amazing." Joyce said " thanks cutie. So where is this date?." Niall said " close your eyes." after a while, Niall said " open your eyes!." Joyce opened her eyes. It was a picnic on the park. Joyce said " a picnic!. Cool!." Niall said " yeah it is." Niall and Joyce sat down on the blanket. Joyce said " this is perfect." Niall ate the pizza. Joyce ate se cupcakes. Niall said " so this isn't a perfect date is it?." Joyce said " actually I think this is the best date I've ever had." Niall said " oh so you've been on a date before?." Joyce said " I won't call it as a date really." Niall said " oh with who?" Joyce said " it was pretty much a guy who's name is Joshen." Niall said " oh I don't know him." Joyce said " that's because he don't live here." after a few hours, Niall said " Joyce I know this is just the first date but I really want it to be more than perfect. Niall kissed Joyce on the lips phenominally. Joyce looked at Niall. Niall said " I'm so sorry I have to do that." Joyce was frozen. Niall said " Joyce I want you to be my girlfriend would you?." Joyce exclaimed" WHAT! Niall said " what?." Joyce was nervous. She breathed and breathed. She ran away. Niall called out" JOYCE WAIT!." joyce kept running.
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