1D surprisement😳 A Niall Horan story...(fantasy)

When Niall met a girl he fell in love with her when she met her for the first time.. Niall and Joyce dated but Niall wants to move on. They were just going out like friends but Niall want them to be more than friends... Niall wants Joyce to be his girlfriend but Joyce doesn't want to.. She has a little secret that nobody knows...


3. Niall and Joyce talking💜💙

Joyce said " the birds are gone.. You happy now?." Niall said " I'm sorry." Joyce sighed. Joyce went to the bench. She sat down feeling lonely. Niall followed her. Niall said " what's the matter?." Joyce said " nothing and even if I'll tell you you won't even care." Niall said" I don't even know what's wrong." Joyce said " then if your not interested just leave me alone!." Niall said. What's wrong?." Joyce said " I told you nothing." Niall said " tell me." Joyce said " you wont even listen." Niall said " I swear ill listen." Joyce sighed. Niall said " so what's wrong? What turn you down?." Joyce said " it's just that you don't understand how animals means to me. You just don't understand it you really don't. No one can understand it." Niall said " well how about your friends?. Aren't they nice to you?." Joyce said " I used to have friends." Niall said " what do you mean?." Joyce said " you don't understand it just don't care about it." Niall said " do you wanna play and try to enjoy?." Joyce said " no thanks." Niall said " ok." Joyce said " just leave me alone here.
I wanna be alone." Niall said " ok. Niall went and turned to Joyce. Niall couldn't understand what Joyce is saying or the reason why she so sad. Niall has no idea why Joyce is like that this is the first time she met a girl who is like that and Niall wants Joyce to feel happy. Niall went to his friends.
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