1D surprisement๐Ÿ˜ณ A Niall Horan story...(fantasy)

When Niall met a girl he fell in love with her when she met her for the first time.. Niall and Joyce dated but Niall wants to move on. They were just going out like friends but Niall want them to be more than friends... Niall wants Joyce to be his girlfriend but Joyce doesn't want to.. She has a little secret that nobody knows...


5. IN THE HOUSE..๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ 

They got home. Joyce said " wow you guys have an amazing house." Louis said " thank you and as a matter of fact we cleaned it ourselves." Harry said " Louis?." Louis said " oh they cleaned it themselves." Joyce smiled. They went into the house. Joyce sat down to the couch. Liam said " just do whatever you want it's fine with us." Harry said " where are your stuffs?." Joyce said " I didn't bring anything." Harry said " oh." Joyce turned on the tv. She watched some films. It was about garden. Harry cooked some tacos. Louis was eating carrots. Liam was on his room. Niall was eating usually. Zayn was watching films with Joyce.

After a while, it was 8pm. The boys are getting ready to sleep. Niall said " Joyce where are you going to sleep?. Joyce said " wherever." Niall said " you could sleep in my room if you want." Joyce said " you mean with you." Niall said " ofcourse not." Joyce said " no I'll just sleep in the couch." Niall said " are you sure?. Joyce said " yeah I'm fine." Niall said " ok." then after a while, they went to sleep. There was a noise. Joyce said " who's there?." Niall said "
Oh it's just me did I awake you?. Joyce said " sort of." Niall said " sorry about that." Joyce said " it's alright what are you doing?." Niall appeared into the living room. He was shirtless. Joyce was surprised. Niall said " oh sorry. I forgot to put my shirt on." Joyce said " it's ok." Niall looked at Joyce closely. Niall said " Joyce can I ask you something?." Joyce said " sure." Niall sat down next to Joyce. Joyce said " what are you gonna ask me?.
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